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10 old wives tales to predict your baby’s sex

Twin newborn babiesYou don’t have to be pregnant long before people start commenting on your baby bump (or worse … touching it!) and trying to guess your baby’s sex.

Most of the comments will be along the lines of “you’re carrying high–must be a girl!” or “you’re all out front–must be a boy!”.

Interesting, of course, when you’re carrying high AND out front … then what is it?

Obviously, guessing your baby’s sex based on old wives tales is just a bit of fun and here are 10 of the most popular ways to try to find out the sex of your baby before it’s born.

10 old wives tales to predict your baby’s sex

1. The Ring Test

Find a ring and thread through a strand of your hair or string. Dangle the ring over your belly and wait until the ring starts to swing. Take note of whether it swings side-to-side (like a pendulum) or around in a circle. The ring is supposed to predict all your children so if you already have one child the ring will spin one way, then stop, then spin again to predict the second child and so on … CIRCLE is girl, SIDE-TO-SIDE is boy (remember to take other kids into account).

2. Chinese Gender Chart

Work out your lunar age and month of conception then use them to find the baby’s sex on this Chinese Gender Chart

3. Mother’s intuition

You’re the mum and apparently mother’s intuition is paramount (although I’ve been 100 per cent wrong each time). So … what do you think you’re having?

4. A girl steals your looks

Do you look radiant? Are you blooming or are you blemishing. Apparently a girl steals your looks so if you’re looking great it is a boy. If you’ve looked better then it is a girl.

5. Are you carrying high or low?

A boy is low and a girl is high.

6. Have you had cravings?

If you crave sweet it’s a girl, sour/savoury it’s a boy.

7. How’s your Linea Nigra?

The linea nigra can appear on your belly during pregnancy. It’s a brownish line down the middle of your belly to your pubic area. If you get a línea nigra and it runs from your pubic area and beyond your belly button then it is a boy. If you don’t get it, or if it stops at or below your belly button it is a girl.

8. How fast is baby’s heartbeat?

You’ll need results from one of your scans to do this. Enter the results on this Baby Heartrate site

9. Is the father gaining weight too?

If he is putting on sympathy pregnancy weight then it is a boy, if not, it is a girl.

10. Are you carrying a watermelon or basketball?

If you look like you swallowed a watermelon it’s a girl, if it is a nice round basketball it’s a boy!

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12 comments so far -

  1. did the ring test on me when 3xs was exactly right did the ring test on my 2 girls with one daughter having 3 children ring test right on the other daughter correct my daughter in ring test correct now did it on my hubby showed his children our son and another one yeah he cheated on me BINGO it does work do it about 22 weeks us the womens ring that she wears

    • The ring test does not work. It is similar to the Quija board. It will tell you what you want. 50% chance your right. I did it my entire pregnancy. I didn’t know the gender until birth. I tested it over 30 children, not exagerating, and each time it went in a circle over each girl and a line over each boy. I even tried it on my pets, also correct. I also did the gender lineup over mine and my husbands wrist. It always said circle, circle, line, line. Over my belly, it always went in a straight line. I even asked it yes or no questions and it always answered yes that my baby is a boy. I now have three girls. Please don’t count on it. It’s only for fun.

  2. Pretty good information . But I think you will see the gender using Ultrasound ?
    There are also tips to know , common signs that if the baby is a boy you will notice
    much darkened underarm and in you nape rather than baby girls.

  3. I looked realy ugly,big nose dark patches on my face. That ws during my first pregnancy nd i had a girl now i look beautiful glowing nd i wish 4 a boy!!

  4. With my first I suspected a girl as I saw this beautiful curly haired girl in my mind. I had my beautiful curly red haired girl.
    I haven’t confirmed it yet but believe I am pregnant with no. 2 and my mind is telling me it’s a boy. I just tried the Gender predictor and it said boy as well. Be interesting to see if I am and if I’m predicting right



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