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No more corporate begging, please

Paying charity at the supermarket checkoutYou know something that drives me crazy?

It’s arriving at the cashier at my local supermarket with a trolley of groceries and when it comes time to swipe my card and pay, the employee is required to ask me “would you like to donate $2 to blah blah charity?”

I didn’t mind the first and second time, maybe the third time I paid it too. But enough is enough.

I go to my local supermarket up to four times a week. This would be $8 on top of groceries per week, and $36 per month.

I figure that a company as large as this could afford to donate some of its profit to charity instead of passing it on to the consumer who is already lining their pockets.

The marketing is well-designed too, they add that if you donate the $2, your child gets to write their name on the token and it will be placed on the wall.

OK, so now my kid wants to do this too. So not only do they pull on my heart strings, they pull my child into it too and this makes me out to be the bad guy because I don’t give them the $2 that I believe they should be donating themselves from the profit.

So the other day, we are at the checkout and the lady comes to me at the express do-it-yourself aisle and offers for me to donate my $2 again, I said politely that no thank-you, I won’t today.

And my daughter asked me why, so I responded to her with the fact that I didn’t like that this giant company passed the charity fundraising onto its customers. The employee overhead me and asked what I had said. So I told her, making sure she understood it wasn’t personal to her, just her employer.

She informed me that they already do donate to charities. I said that that was great, but then why was I asked each and every shop to add $2 to my bill for charity. She couldn’t answer and so we left it.

I got home frustrated and was thinking about this when my thoughts went to the day before when I was shopping for birthday gifts for my family.

I counted four other stores in which the employees had been required to suggest that perhaps I’d like to donate to their particular charity also.

So on top of the dress I’d just bought, the toys from another shop and some pyjamas from yet another big name store, all of them had the audacity to ask for more money, I calculated that on top of my purchases that day, that if I have donated each time that I would be out of pocket $10.

Now , this doesn’t sound like a lot I know, and I am a charitable woman, but I am imagining that at the end of each financial year these additional charity donations will be tallied for the individual companies and they will be able to gloat about how charitable their company is. Not out of their profits, but of their corporate begging required of their employees to the consumer.

At the end of the day, I would welcome a promotion period of donations, a big fundraising thermometer on the wall, where we can see a difference, we can see how much is raised and how much more is needed to build a well, or fund a school house, they could keep it coming, no worries, but this is blanket begging! How do we know how much of the money is even forwarded on?

How can we put a stop to this smug expectation of additional funds on top of our purchases?

This bothers me. Does it bother you?

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