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News: Medical marijuana – why parents are breaking the law

medical marijuana cannabis oil childrenBreak the law? Or watch helplessly as your child suffers life-threating seizures?

It’s a decision no parent should have to make but, as the debate surrounding the use of medicinal marijuana in Australia intensifies, it might be one they will not have to in future.

Just days after Melbourne couple Cassie Batten and Rhett Wallace met with child protection officers to explain why they were giving cannabis oil to their three-year-old son, the Victorian Labor Party announced they would push to decriminalise the medical form of the drug should they be elected.

Victorian Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews says people with life-threatening conditions should be able to access the drug lawfully.

If Labor is elected on November 29, they will move to allow patients to access a liquid or tablet form of the drug. They will not decriminalise the smoking of marijuana for medicinal use.

“Children are in pain, families are suffering, people are living in fear, and outdated laws are getting in the way,” Mr Andrews says.

The move follows a number of public campaigns by Victorian families who wish to treat their chronically ill children with cannabis oil.

These families include Cassie Batten and Rhett Wallace who had their house raided by police after they were discovered using cannabis oil to treat their son Cooper, 3, who was suffering from hundreds of severe seizures each day.

The family was using the drug under doctor’s supervision but police seized the supply and the case was referred to child protection.

David and Cheri O’Connell have also been treating their nine-year-old daughter Tara with cannabis oil and believe she would not be alive without it.

“We need a (framework) so that we can walk into a chemist and pick up a script just like we would for any other drug that we use,” Mrs O’Connell told the media.

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9 comments so far -

  1. Thanks for your support, I have actually been a bubhub member for years! Cooper had a little setback a few weeks ago. Had a viral illness which affects him much worse than it would us. But he is on the mend now. This entire time he has not missed a dose, we will continue to be criminals in the eye of the law because it is in his best interest. Department of human services closed their case knowing he is still on it and we are yet to be charged by police. Cassie 🙂

    • Hi Cassie. Thanks for jumping in to say hi! Sorry to hear that Cooper had a bit of a setback but glad to hear that he’s on the mend. We’d love to follow your story and we are keeping an eye the issue in general. All the best xxx

  2. Hi, and yes, yes and hell yes. And not just for children either. All people suffering chronic pain conditions or terminal illness, auto immune disorders that cause pain and other body sensations. All we are given is panadeine forte, Valium, every other painkiller on the market, anti depressants and other drugs. All of which hardly mask much at all and come with a host of their own debilitating side effects. Ive researched CBD and it looks promising for many chronic conditions, which I might ad doctors have no cures for. Why should any human being suffer? Oh and theres a microscopic amount of THC in cannabis oil, it CANNOT make you high. So it absolutely has nothing to do with wanting to get stoned. Lets keep the pressure on, I need to be able to get hold of this stuff too. Thanks Bug hub for posting this important topic.

  3. My 9 year old neice Isabella lives with Dravet Syndrome. A life shortening seizure disorder which causes her to have many seizures daily. The medication she used to attempt to control these seizures also have side effects that are causing her to feel constantly seriously sick. When she trialled marijuana her cognition improved dramatically, she went from having limited communication to singing and talking about her day at school, her seizures also dramatically reduced. Isabella doesn’t ask for anything except the chance to live a life that is better than the one she lives now. Please give your support to Deborah her mother and my sister as she fights to have the prohibition of marijuana lifted in Australia.

    Please read about their story here

    Contact Deborah here to find out what you can do to help!

    Please march for Marijuana for the sick.. THIS SUNDAY 14 September 2014 in every major city

  4. It is really frightening witnessing a child, adult or even a pet having seizures. You also need to remember that some temporarily stop breathing during seizures. How many times has the 3 year old stopped breathing and his brain denied oxygen??? People have been known to die from seizures. I know of at least one case where a lad was lying on his bed reading a book. It was too late when his Mum realised.
    Marijuana is grown by very different method and not the additives including those used to speed up its growth. It is almost certain to be a different species of hemp.

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