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News: Cot-to-bed safety, new pregnancy food advice, help for mum and asthma sufferers

SIDS and Kids - safe cot to bed transitionsSo what is making news in the world of pregnancy and parenting this week?

What can help you know when it’s time to move your toddler out of a cot? Why are pregnant women enjoying some pepperoni on their pizzas? Where can Melbourne mums go for help when they experience difficulties post-birth? And what new information is available for people with asthma and where they can access it?

New info for parents on safe cot-to-bed transitions

SIDS and Kids has developed a new brochure and app to help parents transition toddlers from cot to bed.

The information has been compiled in response to reports on the number of children being injured by falls from cots and beds. SIDS and Kids CEO associate professor Leanne Raven says the injuries may be due to either not recognising the appropriate time to move a baby or young child out of a cot, or a baby or young child being placed too early in an adult bed or being placed in an unsafe sleeping environment.

“The launch of the Cot-to-Bed Safety brochure and mobile app is simply to present the Australian community with the best possible information on when to move a child from a cot to a bed, what type of bed to use, and how to provide a safe environment for a child,” she says.

The Cot-to-Bed Safety brochure and app provides information including the different types of bed options- mattress on the floor, a toddler bed, an adult bed – and how to make a home safe before the move.

For more information visit and don’t forget Red Nose Day – June 27

New guidelines for food safety in pregnancy

The NSW Food Authority has updated its advice on foods to avoid during pregnancy.

The new advice includes new information on soft cheese and deli meats, indicating that pregnant women need not avoid them completely if heated to at least 75 degrees celcius and eaten immediately. That means pepperoni is back on the pizza! As long as it well cooked.

The organisation has also created a new page on its website to help women better understand WHY it’s recommended they avoid eating certain foods while pregnant.

For more information visit

Help for Victorian mums post-baby

Families experiencing difficulties after the arrival of a new baby can now access a new Mother Baby Unit in Melbourne.

The Melbourne Clinic’s 12-bed specialist unit provides a inpatient programs for mothers experiencing depression, agitation, anxiety or adjustment in the months post birth.

Nurse unit manager Melissa Briggs says the clinic also has developed a new outreach service for when inpatient stay is not an option.

“The focus of the outreach team is to provide support and professional health care to mothers that may be experiencing symptoms of post-natal depression, anxiety or adjustment,” she says.

“The Mother Baby Unit will play a vital role in providing support and guidance to mothers and families in what is usually a very delicate time.”

New guidelines for asthma sufferers

People with asthma are being urged to get active, according to new advice from the National Asthma Council Australia.

According to a recent survey, 90 per cent of Australians believe that asthma affects a person’s ability to do physical activity.

This is just one of the myths dispels in the Council’s new guide My Asthma Handbook.

National Asthma Council Australia director and pharmacist Stephen Hughes said the handbook, which is based on the latest evidence, provides advice around managing asthma, preventer and reliever medications, and asthma first aid, as well as giving a checklist of questions that people with asthma should be asking their health professionals.

“The latest guidelines dispel the common misconception that people with asthma should avoid being active,” he says.

“In fact, being overweight and refraining from physical activity can be detrimental to people with asthma, and make managing their condition much more difficult.”

Visit to download the guide.

Image credit: marchibas/123RF Stock Photo

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