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News: Arthritis and Osteoporosis NSW dress up this Halloween

Baby wearing skeleton costume sitting against a brick wall with a pumpkinGet bad to the bone with Arthritis and Osteoporosis NSW as they dress up to promote bone and joint health this Halloween!

One in four people suffer from arthritis, and the rate of bone fractures due to osteoporosis is 1 every 3.6 minutes. Scary stuff!

They aim to raise money for arthritis and osteoporosis so that more people are aware of these life-changing conditions.

So how can you join in? Wear your bones on the outside! Well, not literally of course.

Get dressed up in your scariest, spookiest skeleton costume and wear it to work on Halloween! Dress the kids up too! You’ll be the topic of conversation all day – and every time someone asks about your costume, spread the good word about bone and joint health, and how everyone can keep healthy!

You can do the following things to make sure you’re looking after your bones the best you can:

  • Keep up your calcium intake – check out what the recommended intake is for you, and stick to it! Drink your milk, eat your cheese and yoghurt, and buy calcium-enriched foods and drinks if you need extra.
  • Exercise regularly – how do you keep your muscles strong? Work them out! How do you keep your mind  strong? Work it out! So exercising will help to keep your bones strong too – just make sure you check to make sure you don’t have any issues before trying any new exercises.
  • Get enough vitamin D – good old-fashioned sunshine! Make sure it’s not during the heat of the day, and not for too long at a time, but get some sunshine on your skin. So long as your safe about it, a few extra sun rays won’t hurt – they’ll help! If you aren’t able to get into the sun, there are supplements you can take.

Arthritis and Osteoporosis NSW CEO Jannine Jackson says she’ll definitely be joining in this Halloween:

“I’m coming to work on October 31st for Halloween in my scariest skeleton costume. I want to make people think about just how important the health of their bones and joints are.

There are a number of ways you can ensure that your bones are healthy and strong and the earlier you start, the better. From getting enough serves of dairy each day, through to regular vitamin D exposure in the sun. This might mean temporarily rolling up the sleeves on your costume, but every bit helps.”

So don your best costume this Friday, spread the word about bone and joint health, and donate to help this great cause!

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