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My very first Mother’s Day, out west …

familyI had a grand plan on how I wished to celebrate my first Mother’s Day.

Knowing we were going to be stuck out west, I had to make the most of it. My husband was lucky enough to get the day off. Well I might have, sort of, demanded he get it off …

Considering we are lucky to see him for two hours at night before we go to bed, I really wanted to spend the day as a family, just me and my two men.

Most of you would be aware of the Mother’s Day Classic Fun Run which is held around Australia to raise money for breast cancer. I was surprised to find that this was actually held in our town. I have always loved running and this fun run helped me with my motivation to get back into it again since having Chad.

I had been training with one of my girlfriends out here a few months prior, just so I was confident I could make the distance. I was so excited, I had planned for my husband to take photos of us before we started and then again as we were finishing. I had even gone as far as getting a new pram to run with.

My plan started to go pear shaped four days before the race. I got the flu! I had to get my husband to take time off work because I was struggling looking after Chad and myself. I consider myself lucky in the respect that my husband works ridiculous hours but he is able to get carers’ leave to look after me and Chad when it’s needed. If he were in a fly in, fly out job I guess that I would be back on the coast and have my family and friends to help. Sometimes I do think that this option would be a little easier. But would family and friends be able to drop everything straight away like my husband did? I have found that it is so much harder to get better with a baby. Gone are the days were I can text my boss and say that I wasn’t coming in, I really think I used to take sick days for granted!

I wasn’t too keen to take the steroids the doctor prescribed because I wasn’t able to breastfeed for 3 days, but boy did they help. I felt 80 per cent better the next day after taking them, which worked out perfect for the fun run. Common-sense prevailed on the day of the race and I decided to just walk it with Chad and we managed to bribe “daddy” to walk with us. To be honest, it was actually nicer doing it as a family.

We both couldn’t help ourselves, our competitive streak came out, and we had to pass all the people with prams that were walking. Mind you it was my husband who had to pass them, which is rather funny considering every time I would mention the time I was hoping to run I would always get the lecture that it was a “fun” run and I would have Chad in the pram and would have to be careful. It’s always a different story when daddy has the pram though, as most of you would be able to agree.

I do wonder what our day would have been like if we were back at the coast and I honestly don’t think that it would have been as special. Sure I would have loved to have seen my mum and for her to see her grandson, but we would have been obligated to drive all over the country side to visit everyone which, with a baby who gets frustrated being in his car seat any longer than 20 minutes would have made my day hell! That is one perk that I love about our little town, the longest he is ever in his seat is five minutes.

Being back at the coast I know that I probably wouldn’t have gotten the perfect present. My husband would have been able to go to the shops and buy me something, more than likely from a list I gave him. Out here though, he thought he was off the hook. He consistently mentioned that there was nothing that he could buy me out here. He made a valid point so; I asked him for the one thing I know he has issues with, a card.

He has never been one that has been able to write feelings down on a piece of paper, it’s not “manly”. The cards that I have gotten in the past for birthdays and anniversaries have been straight to the point. But he surely out-did himself. Whether or not it was easier because he was writing the card in third person, he did admit that he set the bar a little too high for next year. As simple as it was, the card was the most perfect present I have ever asked for, money can’t buy the sweet words he wrote.

I am so grateful that my husband was able to get the day off work for my first Mother’s Day. Even though we were out west, it was more than perfect, it made me stop and think how lucky I am to have such a great husband and perfect little man I would be lost without them!

Image credit: oly5/123RF Stock Photo

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