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Birth story: ‘My unplanned homebirth’

“Her birth was one amazing experience, even if a little unexpected.

My EDD of the 29th March passed by. On the 30th I had a check with the midwife. I was 1-2cms dilated and about 50% effaced. She gave me a stretch and sweep, and the next day I started to lose my mucus plug.

On the 3rd, DH and I took DS for a long walk. Back at home we DTD and I napped while he headed off to work. I woke at 4pm with what felt like strong Braxton Hicks contractions, they stayed at ten minutes apart and lasting for a minute all night.

On the 4th contractions were irregular, never any closer than 8 minutes. At one stage I only had two in one hour! They were getting a little stronger, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I needed to stand up and sway through them, sometimes I hummed, or counted, my DS even did horse lips with me.

At 6pm DH went for a snooze as he was going to need energy later that night, DS was watching a DVD. My last four timed contractions on my phone show as 9, 6, 4.5 and again 6 minutes apart.

I hopped in the shower at 6:30, and the next two contractions were stronger. I decided it was time to finish packing the bags and get ready to go within the hour. As I turned around to turn the shower off, I felt a pop as my water broke. I felt my baby’s head literally drop into my pelvis. I hobbled out of the shower and used my phone to call DH to come to the bathroom (the time of the call was 6:39). I asked him to get DS and everything ready.

Back in the shower and I actually felt the need to moan loudly through the next contraction, which was closely followed by another, no more than 2 minutes apart. DH heard my moaning so came back in. I told him to call an ambulance because I could feel the baby’s head about to come out. I ended up on all fours, screaming, half in and half out of the shower.

DH was pacing the kitchen while on the phone and I called him back into the bathroom to catch the baby, as I knew they were not going to make it. He stayed on the phone to a lady from the ambulance service, who guided him through the whole thing.

After the head slipped out DH reached underneath me and caught our baby girl. We untangled the cord from around her body, and then he passed her to me while we both sobbed our hearts out. The ambulance arrived around 5 minutes later, missing most of it.

Our estimation of DD’s arrival is 6:50 pm. Just 11 minutes after my waters broke. Her birth was one amazing experience, even if a little unexpected. I am happy to have gotten the natural delivery I wanted and DH is rather pleased at playing midwife for a day.

Thanks to mum TurnedBatty sharing her story.

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