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My top 5 favourite mum moments (so far)

favourite mum momentsAs a mum you have many “moments”

There’s the ‘baby’ moments such as baby’s first smile, their first word and their first steps.

Then there are the first ‘mum’ moments – like the first time you feel like a real mum, or grosser moments such as the first time you use your fingers to pick your baby’s nose. Those two were one and the same for me by the way.

Anyway here are my top 5 favourite mum moments (so far) …

1. The after birth moment

favourite parenting momentsWait … that sounds like I really liked the placenta. Not that I didn’t like the placenta… I’ve no strong feeling about it either way. I mean, thanks for feeding my unborn babies placenta but I really wish the midwife didn’t ask me if I wanted to look at you afterwards! You were pretty gross.

Now, where was I? I’m talking about that moment immediately after you give birth. The first time you hold your baby. The first time you pick up your newborn’s little hand and study those tiny fingers. The first time your baby looks at you with those dark, puffy newborn eyes. The first time the pain is gone after 10+ hours of teeth-clenching, back-arching pain.

You might be too exhausted to really appreciate this moment while it is happening but you’ll look back on it as one of the most profound moments of your life.

And I’m pretty sure this moment is addictive. Like baby crack. This must be the reason we go back again and again.

2. The first tooth (aka my proudest moment)

favourite parenting momentsWhen my first child sprouted a tooth I was so proud of him I almost burst. After texting my partner, my mother and my mother-in-law I wondered why I was so proud. It wasn’t as though he had any choice in the matter. He didn’t make the tooth grow though talent, hard work or determination. But I didn’t care … I was proud (or possibly just relieved that it had finally broken through and I might get some sleep!).
He has since made me proud many many times. When he rolled over, took his first steps, ate all his vegetables. I’m proud every time he uses his manners. I was proud when he completed a 24-piece jigsaw puzzle by himself and I’m proud every time he gives his baby sister a gentle head rub and sweet little kiss when she’s crying. At this rate, I’m going to explode the day they graduate high school.

3. Watching my two kids play together and make each other laugh

favourite parenting moments When I brought home my second child my main hope was that my first child wouldn’t hate her (and me). I also hoped he wouldn’t smother her if I left the room and wouldn’t throw matchbox cars at her head.

Never did I imagine that they’d actually like each other! If there is one thing more adorable than the uncontrollable giggle of a small child it is the uncontrollable giggles of two. Especially when they are laughing at each other!

4. Smiles, hugs, kisses and the first time you hear the word ‘mum’

favourite parenting moments
When your child sees you, calls out ‘mum’ excitedly, runs towards you, jumps into your arms, gives you a big hug and plants a giant kiss right on your lips you forget about the lack of sleep, the peanut butter in your hair and the toys that are taking over your living room.

That was what I WAS going to write until my son said ‘love you mum’ last night. Better get a mop … I just melted.

5. Sharing the experience with my own mum

favourite parenting momentsIt is kind of like gaining entry in the ‘mum’ club. It is like you finally get it … and your mum knows this. In fact, she’s probably been waiting a long time for this day. “Just wait till you have kids” she probably thought one day while wiping your farex off the floors and walls. And then daily ever since.

Sharing your experience as a mum with your own mum or mother-figure is a moment to cherish. Hopefully she’ll cherish it as well and hopefully she’ll also offer to babysit. There are few things more special than seeing someone you love being loved just as much by someone else you love. Did that make sense? Hope so …

Happy Mother’s Day to my mum … to all mums.

Love your work. Hope you get a sleep in and some beautiful hugs!

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3 comments so far -

  1. Totally! Sharing the hideous two year old with my Mum who still thinks the little hurricane is lovely is the best!! We finally agree on something.

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