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My puberty blues

I’m living in fear.

Not sharks, or snakes, or a worry that the end of the world is approaching.


I have been watching Puberty Blues, the new Channel 10 drama.
And though it is a great show, all it has done is fill me with the utter dread that one day soon, my baby girl will be a teenager.

And I’m watching it, torn between two worlds.

On the one hand I’m remembering my teenage days – the mischief I got up to, the stupid situations I put myself in, the highs and the lows that really don’t seem that long ago.
But on the other hand, there is the commanding voice in my head, the voice of a parent, screaming ‘NO’ to the girls on the screen.

And as I’m standing in front of the TV shaking my head and muttering ‘what do you think you are doing?’, I’m having flashbacks of being on the receiving end of exactly the same mutterings from my own mum.

So my question is, are all teenage girls destined to be the same?
Am I destined for those years to be a replica of my teenage years, or is there anything I can do, to divert the difficulties?

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  1. I once heard that if your child is an angel when they’re a toddler then they’ll be a devil as a teenager … and vice versa. So I’m hoping that’s true cos my two don’t have wings or a halo! On the other hand I must have been a perfect toddler…



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