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‘My baby boy doll was anatomically correct and I turned out fine’

Baby boy doll penisWhen I was a little girl, my baby doll had a penis. Are you shocked?

Or are you completely NOT shocked. Like I was, when I opened up the internet this morning over breakfast, to see that an anatomically-correct boy doll is being sold in the US.

The doll has been very busy causing controversy – he has upset the people of the internet. He is said to be ‘inappropriate’ and there are calls for him to come with a warning label. What would that label say I wonder?

Perhaps the problem is that shoppers couldn’t see the boy bits before buying the doll and, even though the box describes the doll as a ‘boy doll’ who ‘cries when he wees’, were surprised to find that the aforementioned ‘wee’ would be coming from a penis. Why did they think he was crying when he did a wee? Because it was coming from a genderless Ken-like lump?

Or perhaps there was no problem at all, just a bit of clever publicity for the doll’s manufacturer.

Whatever the reason, there’s nothing wrong with a ‘boy’ doll. My boy doll – Jeremy – is still around. He was the last doll I bought before declaring myself too old for such things. I wasn’t really into Barbies, I liked baby dolls. And the more real, the better. Jeremy is pretty real. And I knew this before I bought him because, like all newborns, he came without clothes. And he isn’t the only anatomically correct doll around either – my daughter has a newborn baby girl and her bits look pretty right. Although no pee comes out of her (thankfully – there’s enough mess in my house, thanks very much).

Anyway, I turned out alright.

This is me and my friends checking out Jeremy on my birthday. His clothes are on because it was no big deal that he was a ‘boy’. It is however quite a big deal that I’m wearing a bubble skirt.


And here is my little girl giving him what looks like a sponge bath

Anatomically correct baby boy doll


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8 comments so far -

  1. My sister had a boy doll with the right bits when we were little. My daughter’s kinder also has one. I can’t believe this is even an issue!

  2. I had an anatomically correct African-American baby doll (right down to the rough weight and size of a newborn) when I was a child – Elliott is still with us and both my daughters (now 16 & 5) have played with him.

    The now 5 year old often has him sleeping in a cradle in her room……would I buy one, probably not because my youngest isn’t a huge fan of dolls – do I have an issue with anatomical correct dolls? Nope – I prefer them to the weird dolls like barbie, ken, bratz and monster high!

  3. This is such a NON issue for me. It would be weird if the doll didn’t have a nose, or eyes, wouldn’t it? So of course it has genitals. WITHOUT them would be weirder for kids… teaching them to be ashamed or that they don’t need to learn about or accept these parts of their bodies – dangerous!

  4. I work in childcare, and we have both boy and girl dolls with the right ‘bits’. They also have different skin tones. It shows the children that it is normal for babies to be different from each other, they don’t all have to be the same. Not that the children pay attention to any of this, they just see it as a baby. Adults are the ones with a problem about it.



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