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Mum! Here are 4 ways to turn your life around

Happy family run along the beach at sunsetSo the kids are back at school and you are starting to find your groove with your kid’s diary full of new classes, after-school activities, playdates and kids’ birthday parties!

Mums are brilliant at looking after everyone except themselves! Normally I focus on the kids but today I want to focus on the mothers.

I’ve had extensive experience internationally working with families of all cultures and statuses and I focus on four main target areas Time, Space, Fitness and Nutrition Management.

When one or several of these areas are out of balance it can create havoc in your household mainly manifesting in bad behaviour from the kids!

This is how the four key areas work …

Space management

Christmas clutter is still lingering throughout the house. Break the house into areas and pick one day to manage the SPACE in that room. Go through the kids’ toys and remove all broken toys and bin them. Remove all toys that never get played with and either give them to charity or store them and recycle the toys in a few months. Go through the cupboards and sort all the plastic containers, if you don’t have the lid or vice versa and you only have the lid, bin it! Go through your childrens’ wardrobes, remove all the outgrown, out worn items and give to charity or store for a younger sibling.

Time management

Buy a wall planner. A blackboard or whiteboard is best as it can be easily changed ​weekly or when plans change! The best place to hang this is near the fridge in a common ​area that everyone can see so they all know what’s happening each week.

If you are super organised you could do this daily! Choose a different colour for each family member including your husband and pets. Enter each family members activity in their colour so they can keep track of their own activities, this encourages independence in the children and reminds your husband if you are out with the girls or have a yoga class!


Mums need to stay fit to keep up with their kids! Chasing around kids all day definitely keeps you fit but you also need to get enough sleep. Force yourself to have an early night at least twice a week. Make sure you spend at least 30 minutes per day doing something you enjoy that involves fitness. Gym, yoga, walk to a coffee shop, endless options and they could also involve taking your baby swimming or to a energetic class – which are both great exercise for baby and mum. Whenever possible walk or ride to do the school run, great exercise for both mum and kids.


We all know that kids need fruit and vegetables but sometimes we forget to look after our own bodies. Apart from the basics we can also add to our nutrition through vitamins. Often mums skip breakfast as they are too busy but a shake on the go is the kick start your metabolism needs to fire up for the day. Eating with your kids also encourages them to eat as you are a role model to your children’s eating habits and general behaviour.

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