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The Bub Hub Crew

About The Bub Hub Crew

The Bub Hub Crew is the name we have given to our esteemed team of award-winning* staff writers. We’re a small team. Small, not short. In fact some of us are quite tall. Tall enough to be quite good at netball. ...

Addie Wootten

About Addie Wootten

Dr Addie Wootten is the CEO of Smiling Mind and a Clinical Psychologist by background. Addie brings her extensive background in clinical psychology, research and e-health to her position of CEO of Smiling Mind. Addie ...

Adrienne Buckingham

About Adrienne Buckingham

Adrienne is an optimistic traveller who, while seeking a life less ordinary, settled herself in the suburbs of New Zealand. She is a mother to three girls, a stepmother to one boy and a teacher to about 120 teenagers a ...

Ailsa Robson

About Ailsa Robson

Ailsa Robson is the author of Perfectly Imperfect: Raw reflections on body image, mothering, love and loneliness (that you don’t usually share). She is a water baby, incessant muser and writer, and someone who ...

Ali Mountifield

About Ali Mountifield

Ali Mountifield is a mother of triplets Hannah, Lucy and Oscar and volunteers her spare time to the Australian Multiple Birth Association as the Communications Director. Ali also blogs about life with triplets via her ...

Alice Hall

About Alice Hall

Alice Hall is UNICEF Australia’s Program Manager for Early Childhood Development. Alice advises on community-based early childhood programs in places like the Solomon Islands or the highlands of Papua New Guinea, ...

Alice Vandyke

About Alice Vandyke

Alice Vandyke is a long-standing and trusted figure in the food obsessed precinct of Bondi. Beginning her career as a Registered Midwife with postgraduate studies in International Public Health, she developed a love of ...

Alison Osborne

About Alison Osborne

Alison Osborne is the author of The Post-Baby Conversation – What New Parents Need to Say to Each Other — a relationship book for new parents. Alison is mother to two children and has a First Class Honours ...

Allie Gaunt, Jessica Beaton & Sarah Buckle

About Allie Gaunt, Jessica Beaton & Sarah Buckle

Allie Gaunt, Jessica Beaton and Sarah Buckle are the authors of One Handed Cooks: Boosting Your Basics, which features 100+ simple, healthy, family-friendly recipes. Formerly a professional nanny and advertising ...

Alys Lizza

About Alys Lizza

She’s a first-time mum to an independent and free-spirited little lady. And the wife to a laidback and kind-hearted man. She drinks coffee and wine and she isn’t afraid to tell it how it is.

Amanda Lehman

About Amanda Lehman

Amanda Lehman is the director and principal psychologist at Lehman Career Psychology.

Dr Amanda Mergler

About Dr Amanda Mergler

Dr Amanda Mergler is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education at QUT, and a registered psychologist. Amanda’s research focuses on delayed school entry, the values of pre-service ...

Ami Summers

About Ami Summers

Ami Summers is a leadership consultant and author of the book Heart Space. In 2013, after what had been a healthy and uneventful pregnancy, Ami and her husband Dave lost their daughter Arla at 38 weeks and then went on ...

Amy McAlister

About Amy McAlister

Amy McAlister is the Chief Operating Officer at Youthrive, a unique service offering psychology, speech pathology and occupational therapy for kids and young people. Amy has extensive experience as a speech pathologist, ...

Amy Smith

About Amy Smith

Amy Smith is CEO of The Good Foundation and Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia.

About Ana Antunovic

My name is Ana, busy wife and mother of three living in the suburbs of Sydney. I am a freelance writer and blogger – my main interests and topics of discussion include parenting, health, cooking, baby products, design, ...

Andrew Collins

About Andrew Collins

Andrew Collins is the Executive Director, Ageing Services for the Benevolent Society, which operates a range of services for older people including; Home Care Packages, Respite Services and other home supports. Andrew ...

AJ Sutherland

About AJ Sutherland

Author, copywriter and regular procrastinator, Angela’s latest book London with Kids is jam-packed with real-life tips on travelling with young children. When she’s not writing books, blogs, or anything in- ...

Angela Jacobsen

About Angela Jacobsen

Angela Jacobsen (AKA OzSuperNanny) is the author of Baby Love and Baby Food. Angela has worked with children for more than 20 years internationally specialising in VIP families including Madonna and currently Kate ...

Angharad Candlin

About Angharad Candlin

Angharad is a psychologist with more than 20 years’ experience working with parents and families. As the coordinator of Parent Education at CatholicCare, Angharad runs parenting courses across Sydney and has ...

Anju Regis

About Anju Regis

Anju has been through separation and runs The Separation Exchange, a portal where you can find support and connect with others going through a separation or divorce. The portal also has a directory of EXPERTS ...

Annabel Karmel

About Annabel Karmel

Mother-of-three, Annabel Karmel MBE is a leading children’s cookery author, best-selling international author, and expert on devising delicious, nutritious meals for babies, children and families. Annabel has ...

Annie Wylie

About Annie Wylie

Annie Wylie is the Content Manager at ReachOut Parents. She has 5+ years of experience across the media and not-for-profit sectors, using her passion and expertise for achieving better outcomes for vulnerable ...

Ashlea Kemp

About Ashlea Kemp

Ashlea Kemp, owner of Unsurpassable Hair and Make Up, believes hard works brings success.

Ava Miles

About Ava Miles

International bestselling author Ava Miles calls herself a divine rockstar — something she believes everyone is deep down.

Baby Brain Humour

About Baby Brain Humour

Andrea describes herself as “just an ordinary mum” who thought she could escape the clutches of baby brain. When she started to experience the phenomenon, she could have fought on through frustration, but ...

Baroness Mischa

About Baroness Mischa

Baroness Mischa is a circus and stage performer, writer, avid gardener and musician.  She lives in Melbourne with a partner, their toddler, extended family, and menagerie.  She has a great interest in how to assist ...

Bart Paino

About Bart Paino

Bart’s life changed drastically when he and his wife found out baby number 3 was actually going to be baby number 3, 4 and 5. He now spends his days enjoying his five beautiful children while managing a very ...

Bec Cavalôt

About Bec Cavalôt

Bec is a freelance writer and editor. She’s also a half-out-of-the-closet hippy, blogging about all things natural health and wellbeing related at Wellbeing bites. Bec lives in Melbourne with her husband and 2 feisty ...

Belinda Messer

About Belinda Messer

Belinda Messer, children’s book author on Big Topics for Little Kids. Her latest book On the Wings of a Butterfly is a special book on grief and loss for little ones aged 4 and up. Available at all good book ...

Belinda Horton

About Belinda Horton

Belinda Horton was CEO of PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) from 2004-2014.

Best Dads in the World Ever

About Best Dads in the World Ever

The Dads behind hilarious website Best Dads in the World Ever! bring you the lighter side of being a Dad. They’re passionate about building a community for Dads to share some laughs, a few tips and trade war ...

Bobbie Richardson

About Bobbie Richardson

Bobbie Richardson is a mum and the author and illustrator of two books, the new age children’s fiction Jonar & Kitty and the children’s picture book, Imagine Holding Hands.

Brad Lauder

About Brad Lauder

Brad co-founded the Bub Hub with his lovely wife Hilary (she made him write that) and is the proud father of three great kids (he wrote that). His best parenting tip is to take us much advice as you can, use the stuff ...


About Cinemum

Cinemum is a professional critic/reviewer (films, books, theatre, restaurants, games) and a mum-of-three. If she had any spare time, she’d procrastinate.

Bronwyn Darnoc

About Bronwyn Darnoc

Bronwyn Darnoc is the creator of Simply For Flying – the Children’s Flight Logbook. She was born in Sydney and is married with two young children. She currently resides in Singapore. After putting her ...

Brooke Graham

About Brooke Graham

Brooke Graham is a children’s author, primary school teacher and mother. Her debut picture book, Go Away, Worry Monster! published by EK Books was released in 2020. She is passionate about reducing the stigma ...

Brooke Hanson

About Brooke Hanson

Brooke Hanson is a former Australian Olympic Swimming Champion, who, following her own electric shock, has an ongoing commitment to educating people and businesses about the importance of regular testing and tagging of ...

Carol Ireland

About Carol Ireland

Carol Ireland joined Epilepsy Action Australia as CEO in March 2006 and became a Director in 2009. She has worked in the not-for-profit human services sector for a period spanning more than 35 years and holding a ...

Carolyn Batt

About Carolyn Batt

Carolyn Batt is a former business journalist with The Age, The Daily Telegraph (UK), and The West Australian. After having children she made five international moves in a decade, and her freelance writing covered a ...

Casey Ellis

About Casey Ellis

Melbourne-based mother and student, Casey Ellis is the author of Mum, Can I Eat This? a collection of her recipes for anyone who requires low fructose, low FODMAP, sucrose free, gluten free, and low or no lactose foods. ...

Cassandra Budge

About Cassandra Budge

Cassandra Budge is a wife and mum to two gorgeous girls and Java the golden retriever. Cassandra has a background in marketing, public relations and travel and a keen interest in business, 90s pop culture, parenting ...

About Cath Hakanson

Cath Hakanson is a mother, nurse, sex educator and founder of Sex Ed Rescue. Bringing her 20+ years clinical knowledge, a practical down-to-earth approach, and passion for helping families, Cath inspires parents to ...

Chadia Sucur

About Chadia Sucur

Chadia Sucur is a mother and high school teacher. Sometimes she dabbles in writing. She takes her role as key distributor of cuddles seriously, and has recently specialised in staying awake after her daily double-dose ...

Cherie Pasion

About Cherie Pasion

Cherie Pasion lives up to her name and is passionate about the transformative journey women take when becoming mothers. She is the author of It’s Your Birth… Right? A guide for professional women to calmly ...

Cheryl Fingleson

About Cheryl Fingleson

Cheryl has completed The Gentle Sleep Coach Program, the first and most extensive professional sleep coaching certification program available. Cheryl works with families across a range of areas, including settling and ...

Chezzi Denyer

About Chezzi Denyer

A producing powerhouse with experience across TV, radio and politics, Chezzi Denyer has just launched two exciting concepts The Chezzi Diaries and Mummy Time TV. Self-deprecating and comical with moments of real heart- ...

Christina Mathewson

About Christina Mathewson

Christina is mum to seven children and had placenta accreta during her last pregnancy. She is sharing her story in order to raise awareness of the serious condition and to encourage Australians to donate blood.

Colin Anson

About Colin Anson

Colin Anson is a digital entrepreneur, and the CEO and co-founder of child image protection and photo storage solution, pixevety. In 2012, Colin saw an opportunity to create a unique business within his area of passion, ...

Dr Claire Noone

About Dr Claire Noone

Dr Claire Noone was Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria, the state’s consumer affairs regulator, from 2008 until 2014. Consumer Affairs Victoria helps create a competitive and fair market place for businesses and ...

Corinna Stoeffl

About Corinna Stoeffl

Corinna Stoeffl is a counsellor, life coach, photographer, author and mother of two.

About Matt Ross

Matt has come a long way on his dad journey. Initially he thought Braxton Hicks was a 1960s’ American soul singer (he’s still not 100% sure what it is but has ruled out singer). Today he is a dad, who ...

Dr Dain Heer

About Dr Dain Heer

Dain Heer is the author of nine books on the topics of embodiment, healing, money and relationships. Being You, Changing the World is now an international best seller.

Daniel Steele

About Daniel Steele

Daniel Steele is a primary school educator and leader who has recently begun to navigate and survive the world of dadhood. He is the founder of the educational blog Upgrade Think Learn and dadhood podcast School of ...

About Danielle Colley

Danielle is a wife, a mother, a photographic enthusiast and a person who finds it easy to laugh at herself – in no particular order. She has released two ebooks, Toddler Friendly Baking and Toddler Friendly Cooking ...

Davina Donovan

About Davina Donovan

Davina Donovan is the owner and founder of Speak Teen and the author of What Your Teen is Telling Me and Why They’re Not Telling You: Practical Communication Tools Every Parent Should Know. Speak Teen offers ...

Deborah L Caine

About Deborah L Caine

Deb is a British/Australian writer, mummy and travel devotee. Before moving back to the UK, Deb and co spent many years living in Newcastle Australia, before moving to Hong Kong, then the UAE. Hobbies include ...

Deb De Wilde

About Deb De Wilde

Deb De Wilde is a social worker at Sydney’s Mater Hospital who has an expertise and long experience in caring for families at the time of a baby’s death. She has been looking after bereaved parents for more ...

Deb Ryan

About Deb Ryan

Deb Ryan is the National Lead Facilitator for The Smith Family’s Let’s Count program. An educator, advocate, parent and grandparent, her passion is early childhood and the important role that parents play ...

Debra Goldfinch

About Debra Goldfinch

Deb is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Irabina Autism Services. Irabina Autism Services specialises in delivering programs for children and adolescents diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and their ...

Delia Rickard

About Delia Rickard

Delia Rickard is Deputy Chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Denise Condon

About Denise Condon

Denise is a leading International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and midwife at The Mater Hospital in Sydney. She is a member of the Lactation Consultants of Australia and New Zealand (LCANZ), and the ...

Dr Anthea Rhodes

About Dr Anthea Rhodes

Dr Anthea Rhodes is a paediatrician and medical educator. She has clinical interests in the health needs of the vulnerable child, with expertise in child development and behaviour. Dr Rhodes undertook her paediatric ...

Dr Dimity Williams

About Dr Dimity Williams

Dimity works as a GP in Melbourne and is the Biodiversity Convenor for Doctors for the Environment Australia and a Co-Founder of the Kids in Nature Network. She also has three teenage boys and is passionate about ...

Dr Eduardo Alcaino

About Dr Eduardo Alcaino

Dr Eduardo Alcaino is a specialist paediatric dentist, a lecturer, clinical researcher and teacher at a post-graduate and graduate level. He is a Past President of the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry ...

Dr Elise Bialylew

About Dr Elise Bialylew

Dr Elise Bialylew is the founder of Mindful in May, an online global mindfulness campaign that teaches thousands of people worldwide to meditate, whilst raising funds to build clean water projects in the developing ...

Dr Elissa Pearson

About Dr Elissa Pearson

Dr Elissa Pearson is a lecturer in developmental and conservation psychology at UniSA Online who specialises in how people – particularly children – connect with the natural world. She is passionate about ...

Dr Jane Williams

About Dr Jane Williams

Dr Jane is one of Australia’s leading experts on child neuro-development. She is the Research and Education General Manager for GymbaROO and KindyROO, a Neuro-Developmental Consultant, and Adjunct Lecturer at ...

Dr Katrina Warren

About Dr Katrina Warren

Dr Katrina Warren is a mother, a media veterinarian, television presenter and passionate animal lover.

Dr Kelly Bowers

About Dr Kelly Bowers

Dr Kelly Bowers is a Clinical Director and child psychologist at Youthrive Integrated Therapy Services. Kelly has a passion for working with children and their families and has extensive experience providing support to ...

Dr Matthew Roberts

About Dr Matthew Roberts

Dr Matthew Roberts is a perinatal psychiatrist, a doctor specialising in mental health and wellbeing during pregnancy and early family life. He has a keen interest in fathers’ mental health, with a focus on ...

About Dr Sacha Stelzer-Braid

Dr Sacha Stelzer-Braid is a Postdoctoral Scientist at the Virology Research Laboratory, University of New South Wales Sydney. She specialises in respiratory virus infections in children with chronic respiratory diseases. ...

Dr Shilpa Jesudason

About Dr Shilpa Jesudason

Dr Shilpa Jesudason is Clinical Director at Kidney Health Australia.

Dr Titia Benders

About Dr Titia Benders

Titia Benders is a Lecturer in Linguistics and Deputy-Director of the Child Language Lab at Macquarie University. She is also a member of the Macquarie University Phonetics Lab, the Centre for Language Sciences (CLaS) ...

Dr Vanessa Lapointe

About Dr Vanessa Lapointe

Dr Vanessa Lapointe is a registered psychologist, parenting educator, best-selling author, international speaker, and a mum. As the founder and director of The Wishing Star Lapointe Developmental Clinic, she has been ...

Dr Wendy Roncolato and Prue Foster

About Dr Wendy Roncolato and Prue Foster

Wendy Roncolato is Principal Clinical Psychologist at Cloudberry Clinic in Sydney’s East. She feels privileged to listen to and support women as they navigate motherhood and life beyond. A mother to three school- ...

Due Jan 2017 Soul Sisters

About Due Jan 2017 Soul Sisters

The Soul Sisters are a group of mothers who were brought together because their babies were due at the same time but who stayed together because of the love, support and friendship that each gave and received. There ...

Elizabeth McLardy

About Elizabeth McLardy

Elizabeth is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) with a background in budgeting, finance and IT.

Emily Nitsopoulos

About Emily Nitsopoulos

Emily has written her story to help raise awareness for perinatal anxiety and depression and for PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia). The PANDA helpline is available in Australia from 9am to 7.30pm (AEST) ...

Emma McKay

About Emma McKay

Emma McKay is a certified occupational therapist at Youthrive Springfield, and a practicing member of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and Occupational Therapy Australia. Since completing her ...

Emma Reeves

About Emma Reeves

Emma Reeves is a writer, editor and mother of two.

Erica Barlow

About Erica Barlow

Erica Barlow is an English expat who, having had enough of SAD, settled for the warmer shores/better coffee of Sydney. She divides her time between writing, teaching English and hanging out with her children. She ...

Erinne Sullivan

About Erinne Sullivan

Erinne is a mother of one energetic 4- going on 40-year-old, when she isn’t busy chasing him, she is writing about all things, from worrisome to wonderful.


About Fiona

Fiona shared her story to raise awareness during Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week. Anyone concerned about perinatal anxiety and depression should call PANDA’s National Perinatal Depression Helpline 1300 ...

Freeda Thong

About Freeda Thong

Freeda is a certified Speech Pathologist at Youthrive. She has a fond interest in speech sound disorders, early language and literacy learning difficulties in children. Freeda believes communication is a vital mode of ...

Gabrielle Williams

About Gabrielle Williams

Gabrielle is a writer, a qualified high school teacher and a modern day mum.. Typically you’ll find her upside-down on a yoga mat or frolicking in the beautiful west coast waters.

Grace Lachica

About Grace Lachica

Grace is mum to two wonderful kids who are more disciplined and well behaved than she can ever be. She admits having learned more from them than the other way around. When she’s not busy plucking nuggets of ...

Hannah Gentile

About Hannah Gentile

Hannah has a Masters in Human Nutrition and has worked in the public health sector and in early childhood health and education. In her spare time she loves running, dancing, spending time with family, and being a bit ...

Haylea Hodges

About Haylea Hodges

Haylea Hodges is a certified psychologist at Youthrive and a practicing member of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Haylea is particularly interested in cognitive assessment, working with children ...

Helen Baker

About Helen Baker

Helen Baker is an award-winning financial advisor who has been empowering Aussies to find financial freedom since 2009. She is also the spokesperson for online finance information platform Helen has ...

Helen McAllister

About Helen McAllister

As National Director Raphael Services, Helen McAllister leads a team of specialists to deliver free support to mums and dads affected by perinatal anxiety and depression. Raphael Services are available in Western ...

Almost Jane

About Almost Jane

Jane is a stay at home mum to an adorable and high spirited little lady living on the spectrum.

Hester Leung and Sema Musson

About Hester Leung and Sema Musson

Sema Musson and Hester Leung are the co-authors of Being Brave – a positive, inspirational novel and guide for girls in their pre-teens on being brave. Sema and Hester both lead successful careers in their field, ...

About Housewife in Heels

Housewife in Heels is stay-at-home mother to two gorgeous boys.

The Stork

About The Stork

Read about unexpected homebirths, emergency c-sections, natural breech births and more! We created this space so women can speak honestly about their labour, tell a real story, honour their experience and pay tribute ...

James Clode

About James Clode

James is a father of four, a secondary school teacher and founder of the family cooking YouTube channel “Dad’s Apron”. In-between teaching, running around after the kids and the hustle and bustle of ...

James Thomas

About James Thomas

James is the founder of Feel The Magic, a non-profit organisation that provides grief education and support to bereaved children and their families to help alleviate the pain and isolation felt by the loss of a parent, ...

Jane Cafarella

About Jane Cafarella

Jane Cafarella is a Melbourne journalist, playwright, editor and cartoonist with a career spanning 35 years in the print media. She is perhaps best known for her work at The Age newspaper, where she was employed for ...

Jen Bakker

About Jen Bakker

Jen’s working background is in financial services. As the eldest of five children she’s used to sharing her knowledge! Having three kids of her own she likes to combine her money knowledge with her love of ...

Jen McGinlay

About Jen McGinlay

Jen McGinlay is a former radio announcer from Scotland. After 10 years talking for a living Jen returned to her first love of writing. She now divides her time between the beaches and cafes of sunny Perth, writing for ...

Jen Uebergang

About Jen Uebergang

Jen is mum to one LP (little pancake, not bubs’ real name). She’s more of a listener than a talker which is why she loves to write because she still has a lot to say, just not out loud. She’s a jack ...

Professor Jennie Hudson

About Professor Jennie Hudson

Professor Jennie Hudson is the director of the Centre for Emotional Health (CEH) at Macquarie University. She is an internationally recognised, leading researcher in the field of youth anxiety. The CEH conducts ...

Jennifer Hacker Pearson

About Jennifer Hacker Pearson

Jennifer Hacker Pearson PhD is a mother-of-three, researcher, neuroscientist, author, speaker and creator of Tough Mothers Her book I Wish Someone Had Told Me… is full of unspoken truths about what really happens to ...

Jess Miller

About Jess Miller

Jess is a mother and parenting professional with over 17 years experience as a nanny. A US citizen currently living in Australia, Jess enjoys writing and runs her own parenting blog where she shares her knowledge, tips ...

Jess Lowe

About Jess Lowe

Jess is a fertility and pregnancy blogger and owner of Path To Birth where she works as a Fertility and Wellness Coach. After experiencing her own fertility challenges Jess has become very passionate about all things ...

Jessica Johnson

About Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson writes about organising and storing possessions.

Jo Crawford

About Jo Crawford

Jo Crawford is the mum of two teenage boys. Jo quit smoking to give herself the best chance of becoming a mum and she’s shared her story with the Bub Hub on World No Tobacco Day as part of a Your Fertility ...

Jo Ryan

About Jo Ryan

Jo Ryan is the founder and director of Babybliss–a home visiting and parenting consultation business. She is also the author of popular baby sleep book Babybliss. Jo was a Registered Nurse for nearly 20 years, ...

Joanne Rae

About Joanne Rae

Joanne is a full-time wife and mother and part-time bank employee. She loves exercise, reading, crafting, planning, thinking and anything with dark chocolate. Since becoming a mum she has been trying to work out this ...

Jodie Benveniste

About Jodie Benveniste

Jodie Benveniste is a psychologist, parenting author, TEDx speaker and parenting commentator. Jodie has written four parenting books, created online courses for parents, and worked with many organisations and brands on ...

About Jodie Nolan

Jodie Nolan is the best-selling author of Surviving the Storm: How you can survive and prosper from your own financial storms and corporate presenter. The mastermind behind the EQUIS Group’ revolutionary ...

Josh Langley

About Josh Langley

Josh Langley is an award-winning author and illustrator who inspires children with his books about resilience, building empathy and compassion, and getting to know their own emotions.

Julia Christie

About Julia Christie

Julia is the designer of innovative Nail Snail – baby nail trimmer. She invented it after the terrible experience of injuring her newborn boy after using baby nail clippers.

Julie Borninkhof

About Julie Borninkhof

Julie has recently been appointed as CEO of PANDA, bringing significant experience as a recognised leader in the primary health sector. Julie is a Clinical Psychologist who has worked across primary and tertiary ...

Julie Cichero

About Julie Cichero

Dr Julie Cichero is a dedicated specialist in feeding and swallowing disorders. She is the co-author of More Peas Please. Julie has trained more than 300 clinicians in dysphagia (swallowing problems) and lectures on ...

Julie Cini

About Julie Cini

CEO, Julie Cini founded Spinal Muscular Atrophy Australia Inc. after losing both her children to Spinal Muscular Atrophy in 2005 and 2007. Julie’s first daughter Montanna, died on June 25, 2005, aged only 10 ...

About Julie Fison

Julie Fison is a mother of two boys, travel writer and an author of books for children and young adults. Her first fiction series for young readers, Hazard River, is action-packed adventure with an environmental twist. ...

Karen Phillip

About Karen Phillip

Karen Phillip is the author of Who Runs Your House–The Kids or You? The book explores the relationship between parents and their children and the boundaries that need to be set in order to redirect their child̵ ...

Karen Seinor

About Karen Seinor

Karen Seinor is the author of Is My Child Ready For School and has been passionate educator for over 17 years. She has worked as both a classroom teacher and an ESL teacher and while she has enjoyed her many roles as a ...

Karin Holmes

About Karin Holmes

Karin is a counsellor and author of How to Survive a Miscarriage.

Karina Francois

About Karina Francois

Karina Francois is a leading Australian naturopath, health educator and public speaker with more than 14 years’ experience running her own clinic in Melbourne, Infinite Health Practice. She is also an ...

Kasey Lloyd

About Kasey Lloyd

Kasey is a registered psychologist at Youthrive. She has particular interests in depression, anxiety disorders, self-harm, suicidal ideation, Autism, ADHD, issues relating to gender and sexual identity, low self-esteem, ...

Kate Griffin

About Kate Griffin

Kate Griffin is a midwife with more than 20 years’ experience working with pregnant women, new mothers, new fathers and newborns. Kate has worked extensively in the private and public maternity hospitals of ...

Kate Wengier

About Kate Wengier

Family nutritionist and mum of four Kate Wengier is the founder of Foost. She promotes ‘colourful eating’ and encourages youngsters to become adventurous eaters through food education and involvement in the ...

Kathie Holmes

About Kathie Holmes

Kathie has raised two daughters who are now in their twenties. At times she’s a little bit funny, a little bit crazy, a little bit passionate (OK maybe a lot passionate) and a little bit rock and roll!

Kathleen Waddington

About Kathleen Waddington

Kathleen Waddington is a single parent who lives with her teenage son in Melbourne. She is the author of Parent and Child – The Two Person Family and currently works as a nurse, midwife and hypnobirthing ...

Katie Joseph

About Katie Joseph

Katie Joseph is a certified infant and child sleep consultant and founder of The Hush Co. Katie uses a holistic approach and gentle solutions to help families get back the sleep they need. She works with families to ...

Katrina Clark

About Katrina Clark

Katrina Clark has raised two children who have left school and another born with severe intellectual and physical disabilities. She believes strongly in communities working together to help each other. That belief, and ...

Kayla Barber

About Kayla Barber

Kayla Barber is a Sydney mum of three and an online shopping guru, borderline shopaholic.

Kaz Cooke

About Kaz Cooke

Kaz Cooke is a bestselling author and cartoonist whose books have informed and tickled Australians and New Zealanders for more than twenty years. Her books include Up the Duff: The Real Guide to Pregnancy, Babies & ...

Kellie Edwards

About Kellie Edwards

Kellie Edwards is a facilitator of mindfulness in the family, the workplace and beyond. She has online mindfulness programs for parents, runs group workshops and individual coaching sessions integrating mindfulness ...

Kelly McDonough

About Kelly McDonough

Kelly is a mother of five and is a little obsessed with to-do lists and chocolate. Not necessarily in that order. A Registered Nurse for more than 12 years, Kelly now runs her own business, The Styling Mama. Sleep is ...

Kelly Wilton

About Kelly Wilton

Kelly Winton’s son was diagnosed with HHE – Hemiconvulsion Hemiplegia Epilepsy Syndrome in 2012.

Keri Hedrick

About Keri Hedrick

Keri is a former accountant turned freelance writer, currently residing with her husband and three young children in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Bringing up her young family overseas, her blog OurGlobetrotters.Com ...

Kerryn Anker

About Kerryn Anker

The power of words and the creativity it fosters, is the very reason Kerryn became a writer. From an extensive career in journalism to now running after a toddler, life is a lot more scheduled than spontaneous, a lot ...

Ki Wolf

About Ki Wolf

Ki Wolf writes online content, website articles, blogs and has a library of published non-fiction and fiction titles. She is a mother of three. She has worked and studied in mental health, counselling, community ...


About Serenity

My journey through life living with loss, PTSD, depression, anxiety as a loving wife and mother of 2.

Krista Christensen

About Krista Christensen

Krista was born prematurely and while receiving oxygen to assist her breathing, was given an overdose, which caused her retinas to detach. She has shared her story to raise awareness of Seeing Eye Dogs Australia. To ...

Kristen Dias

About Kristen Dias

Kristen Dias is the founder of Travel Karma – providing captivating, educational, hands-on activities to engage kids. Ten years of teaching science in Australia and India as an expat she felt changed who she was ...

Kristina Keneally

About Kristina Keneally

The Hon Kristina Keneally is an advocate for the stillbirth cause and a former patron of the Stillbirth Foundation Australia. She is a mother of three, including daughter Caroline who was stillborn. Kristina was the 42 ...

Kristy Alexander

About Kristy Alexander

Kristy Alexander is passionate explorer in her home town of Sydney and freelance travel writer for When she’s not busy writing about travelling with the kids she can be found researching the next ...

Kylie Dawson

About Kylie Dawson

Kylie is the owner and founder of Cookielicious. A cookie decorating website that is now specialising in cookie decorating for kids parties and birthday party ideas for kids. Kylie has also recently taken on blogging ...

Kylie-Jo Elliott

About Kylie-Jo Elliott

Kylie-Jo is a New Parent Relationship Educator who is accredited to teach the world renowned ‘Bringing Baby Home’ program, designed to guide all couples to success during the transition to parenthood and ...

Kym Turale

About Kym Turale

Kym is the founding member of Progress Ahead Life Coaching. “Having worked in law enforcement for 30 years and specialising in areas relating to people management, I have learnt a lot about human behaviour, why ...

Leith Sterling

About Leith Sterling

Leith Sterling is the Executive Director, Child and Family Services, The Benevolent Society. Leith manages the service delivery for child development, community development, early childhood education, child protection ...

Dr Linda Friedland

About Dr Linda Friedland

Dr Linda Friedland is a medical doctor, mother of five and the author of Raising Competent Teenagers (Rockpool Publishing $27.99). Her many years of parenting as well as those as a medical doctor treating and ...

Lindsay Tighe

About Lindsay Tighe

Passionate about inspiring people to improve their lives and the lives of others, Lindsay is committed to helping people tap into their potential through empowered thoughts and conscious conversations. This passion ...

Lisa Coker

About Lisa Coker

Lisa is the owner of your yoga in Sydney. She is a passionate supporter of women’s choices and birth education and enjoys helping women to find and own their power in pregnancy, birth and in the new role of mother. ...

Lisa Kathleen Daly

About Lisa Kathleen Daly

Lisa Daly is the author of Healthy Eating for the Time Poor, and is a qualified and successful personal trainer with qualifications in nutrition.

Lisa Murdoch

About Lisa Murdoch

Formerly an Occupational Therapist, Lisa Murdoch completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy at Endeavour College of Natural Health. Lisa is a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist, and practices at ...

Lisa Sarquis

About Lisa Sarquis

Lisa Sarquis is a freelance writer, a wife, and a mother of two.

Dr Liz Walker

About Dr Liz Walker

Dr Liz Walker has been Chief Executive Officer of Lort Smith Animal Hospital since June 2010. Her career began as a vet in private small animal practice, in research (the field of parasitology of sheep) and teaching. ...

Lizzy Williamson

About Lizzy Williamson

Lizzy Williamson is a Personal Trainer, Post-Natal Coach and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who helps mums get their bodies, confidence and mojo back.

Louise Dunham

About Louise Dunham

Louise Dunham is the author of State of the Nanny: Telling It Like It Really Is. She is the CEO of Placement Solutions, a Melbourne-based firm, specialising in nanny placement, Just Family Nanny Payroll and Nurture ...

Louise Johnson

About Louise Johnson

Louise Johnson is CEO of the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA) which provides information about assisted reproductive treatment, including IVF, donor conception and surrogacy. Louise is also ...

Louise Smithson

About Louise Smithson

Louise Smithson is a foster carer for CatholicCare Sydney. To find out more about becoming a CatholicCare Sydney foster carer click on the links below.

Melissa Burrows

About Melissa Burrows

In April 2013 Melissa’s son Lucas contracted the deadly meningococcal disease. She has written her story to help raise awareness of meningococcal. Lucas was one of the lucky ones and came out the other side with ...

Lynda Harlos

About Lynda Harlos

Lynda Harlos lives in Canada happily married since 1986. Being a stay-at-home mom raising four children while selling Avon. Although she has one child still at home she is now a home-based travel agent and writer. Her ...

Lynne Trevail

About Lynne Trevail

Lynne Trevail is a professional organiser, a school teacher, a leadership and motivation coach and a mum of two. Her life has revolved around children at work and at home, and she’s taken the skills learnt ‘ ...

Maggie Dent

About Maggie Dent

Commonly known as the ‘queen of common sense’, Maggie Dent has become one of Australia’s favourite parenting authors and educators, with a particular interest in the early years, adolescence and ...

Mama Pyjama

About Mama Pyjama

Kellie is a dream chaser, music enthusiast, project manager, wife, and mother of two spirited boys. Somewhere along the journey of becoming wife and mother, Kellie lost her sense of self and morphed into Mama Pyjama. A ...

Marika Hart

About Marika Hart

Marika Hart is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist from Perth who runs pilates-based exercise classes for women who are pregnant or have just had a baby. She is passionate about helping women stay strong and healthy ...

Martha Goop

About Martha Goop

As a crafter, Martha loves to share her creativity with readers around the world. Ten years of crafting experience has given her the knowledge to share all kinds of techniques, and projects she has worked on over the ...

Martha Heineman Pieper

About Martha Heineman Pieper

Martha Heineman Pieper, PhD, is the author of Mommy, Daddy, I had a Bad Dream and is co-author with William J. Pieper, M.D. of the bestselling parenting book, Smart Love: The Comprehensive Guide to Understanding, ...

Matt Barwick

About Matt Barwick

Matt Barwick is the author of Life in Limbo: My battle with depression, male infertility and mental illness. Matt was born and raised in Canberra and was inspired to tell his story to help and inform young, average ...

Matt Coyne

About Matt Coyne

Matt Coyne is the creator of Man Vs Baby and the author of Dummy–The comedy and chaos of real-life parenting. Matt’s life was turned upside-down by the arrival of his first child, Charlie. After three ...

Meg Tuohey

About Meg Tuohey

Meg is a relationships psychologist specialising in women and the relationships they hold. Think the relationship you have with yourself (super important), the one you have with your partner (super important) and the ...

Melinda Peers

About Melinda Peers

Melinda is the Director of Honey & Flint Communications and mum to two cheeky little monkeys. As a PR and Marketing Consultant, Melinda started working with ChildSafe Limited, and has been deeply affected by the ...

Melissa Macdonald

About Melissa Macdonald

Melissa Macdonald is the author of the best-selling book for pregnant women and new mums – Breastfeeding: Real Mums Tell You How. She is a respected media commentator and has also written a string of articles for ...

Melissa Yapp

About Melissa Yapp

Melissa Yapp is a speech pathologist and a former special education teacher. When not at work or spending time with her husband and two spirited children, she can be found creating resources for professionals and ...

Melissa Barnard

About Melissa Barnard

Melissa Barnard is a cellist with the Australian Chamber Orchestra. She is also proud mum of daughter Maia and lives in Sydney with her partner.

Mem Fox

About Mem Fox

Mem Fox is one of Australia’s best known authors of children’s books, having produced popular modern classics such as Possum Magic and Where is the Green Sheep?. Her book Reading Magic is a popular title ...

Merissa Forsyth

About Merissa Forsyth

Merissa Forsyth is the CEO and Founder of Pretty Foundation. In 2013, putting a halt on a fast-moving corporate career, Merissa Forsyth established the Makeup Free Me movement which encouraged women and girls across ...

Michael Atma

About Michael Atma

Michael Atma is a best-selling meditation and personal development author of Master Your Mindspace, which is a revolutionary fitness book for the mind. His books, seminars and online courses have touched the hearts and ...

Michelle Karavas

About Michelle Karavas

Michelle Karavas is a child psychologist, mum and author of The Day My Brain Went Crazy , a children’s book designed to help children who find it difficult to self-regulate and manage their anger. Michelle was ...

Michelle Mitchell

About Michelle Mitchell

Parenting author and educator Michelle Mitchell is the founder of Youth Excel, a charity which helps young people make positive life choices during difficult times. Michelle’s new book Parenting Teenage Girls in ...

Mining Wag

About Mining Wag

Renee left her law career back in Brisbane to make the move west so her husband could pursue his career within the construction industry. She writes about the adjustments we have all made to our lives.

About Miranda Hill

Miranda Hill is a coach who helps life-hungry souls get unstuck from the fear and chaos of life.

Miranda Hodge

About Miranda Hodge

Miranda Hodge is a teacher, parenting coach and mum to 3 small children–and the creator of Smart Mama Smart Kids Parenting. She hosts online courses, coaching sessions and helps mums feel more confident by ...

Molly Lewis

About Molly Lewis

Molly is an innovative marketing manager working with Expect a Star nanny services. She has foundations in product marketing and over a decade’s experience in marketing and communications both agency and client ...

Monique Cain

About Monique Cain

Monique Cain is a mother of two children diagnosed with Autism. She is the author of the Everyday Autism Series — five children’s picture books, written to give her children and others a voice and Never ...


About monkeyboyzmum

Monkeyboyzmum has been a breastfeeding counsellor for 23 years. She loves to read, crochet, cook and obsess over Doctor Who (not necessarily in that order). My food is blogged at Cafe Disarray. I think about stuff and ...


About mumabulous

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… a young lady worked in the fast paced and glamorous (yeh right) world of Sydney stockbroking. Then two golden-haired princesses arrived and rescued her from all that. ...

About Mummy Muddler

Mummy Muddler, aka Abby, is a freelance writer and PR Specialist.


About mummyhood101

I am Jodi, a mum of two, who has found a passion for writing. I wear many hats, from a marketer during the working day, to a wife, mother, aunty, daughter and a lover of coffee. I am just slightly addicted to Instagram ...

Nadine Lipworth

About Nadine Lipworth

Nadine Lipworth founded My Event Pages, an Australia-wide online directory of venues and suppliers for events, including kids parties and baby showers.

Naomi Dorland

About Naomi Dorland

Passionate about all things multiple, Naomi is the founder of Twinfo and a twin mum herself. Twinfo is an online community for multiple birth parents. It is also a directory of services and products that truly meet the ...

About Narelle Horwitz

Narelle Horwitz is a psychologist, a doula and a mother of two. She is the owner of Perinatal Wellness and is passionate about sharing and discussing all things psychological related to pregnancy, birth and baby.

Natalie Barr

About Natalie Barr

Natalie Barr is a Sunrise 7 Presenter and Return Unwanted Medicines Spokesperson.

Nicole Melanson

About Nicole Melanson

Nicole Melanson grew up near Boston, studied at NYU and Oxford, and after 18 years in Sydney, now lives in Brisbane with her husband and their five sons. A recipient of Australia Council grants in both poetry and ...

Nicole Monteforte and Shane Byrne

About Nicole Monteforte and Shane Byrne

Nic Monteforte & Shane Byrne are the authors of A Busy Parent’s Guide to Raising Super Healthy Kids. They have collectively had more than 40 years in the Health and Wellness industry and have both lived high ...

Nicole Rogerson

About Nicole Rogerson

Nicole Rogerson is the founding Director of Autism Awareness Australia. She volunteers her time as CEO and is one of the nation’s leading advocates for the awareness and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Niels Van Hove

About Niels Van Hove

Niels is an author, mental toughness coach and founder of He is passionate about writing children’s books that make a positive difference. His first book My Strong Mind was published ...

Nutritionist Mum Lisa

About Nutritionist Mum Lisa

Lisa is a Brisbane nutritionist, mum and foodie who specialises in helping people have a healthier relationship with food, and also to achieve healthy weight loss where they need to. She runs Size Fantastic, which ...

Olivia Anderson

About Olivia Anderson

Olivia Anderson, together with her partner Shane Crawford, are raising four young children, so life is definitely a juggling act. Their brood is all boys and includes their surprise gift of identical twins. Olivia says ...

Isiah McKimmie

About Isiah McKimmie

Isiah McKimmie is a Sex and Relationship Coach who has been helping people improve their sex lives and relationships for over six years.  She is a certified Somatic Sex Therapist and studied at the Institute for the ...

Philippa Christian

About Philippa Christian

Philippa Christian, best known as the ‘Number 1 Nanny’ or ‘Australia’s Nanny to the Stars’, has worked for many well-known celebrity families around the world. Philippa began babysitting ...

Pia Dorer

About Pia Dorer

Pia Dorer is a Filmmaker and PR professional who co-founded the boutique communications agency Orange Identity. She is also the mother to five precious babies, two of whom are with her today. After losing her first son ...

Piper O'Neill

About Piper O'Neill

Piper O’Neill, model and mother of two, was Mrs Australia International 2015 and the first pageant winner in Australian history to be crowned while pregnant. Unlike most pageants, the Mrs Australia pageant is not ...


About onemum

Hilary is a busy mum of three as well as the founder of the Bub Hub.

Portia Gunn

About Portia Gunn

Portia is an occupational therapist and Youthrive team leader in Springfield. Portia is also a practicing member of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Portia is particularly passionate about helping ...

Priyanka Saha

About Priyanka Saha

Priyanka Saha’s baby Lily, died aged 10 months old of a terminal brain condition in 2017. Prior to having Lily, Priyanka she also suffered a traumatic and life-threatening ectopic pregnancy. After Lily died, seeing ...

Marie-Paule Austin

About Marie-Paule Austin

Professor Marie-Paule Austin is the St John of God Health Care Chair Perinatal and Women’s Mental Health Research Unit, at the University of NSW, Sydney. She specialises in perinatal women’s mental health ...

Rachel Robertson

About Rachel Robertson

Rachel Robertson is a Perth-based writer and lecturer in professional writing and publishing at Curtin University. Her fiction and essays have been published in The Best Australian Essays, Australian Book Review, ...

Raquel it like it is

About Raquel it like it is

Raquel is the mother to 2 small children who simultaneously thrill, frustrate and inspire her to be a better woman. After a decade working in print media she is a happy SAHM who recognises the importance of being ...

Denyse Whelan

About Denyse Whelan

Denyse Whelan B.Ed M.Ed is a passionate retired K-6 educator. She loves sharing her knowledge gleaned over more than four decades via her blog called Denyse Whelan Blogs. Denyse has been a K-6 teacher, deputy principal ...

Rebecca Beckwith

About Rebecca Beckwith

Rebecca Beckwith was 31 years old when her veteran husband passed away, leaving her to raise their four-year-old son and seven-month-old daughter alone. She enlisted the help of Legacy two days after her husband’s ...

Rebecca Galton

About Rebecca Galton

Rebecca is the Bub Hub’s content editor. She is also parent to three growing children. In her spare time she … who are we kidding, she has no spare time! In the years BC (before children), Rebecca was ...

Dr Rebecca Micallef

About Dr Rebecca Micallef

Dr Rebecca Micallef started her career as a veterinarian, before becoming an advocate for children’s health. She now works for Serkel, an Australian, 3D-printing medical device company where she uses her clinical ...

Renée Mill

About Renée Mill

Renée Mill has been working with people since 1973, first as an occupational therapist and then as a clinical psychologist. Renée continues to work full time in her own private practice in Sydney to deliver effective ...

Rhian Allen

About Rhian Allen

Rhian Allen is the founder of Lose Baby Weight and The Healthy Mummy.

Robert McKenzie

About Robert McKenzie

Rob is a registered Psychologist and a member of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. He is particularly interested in childhood and adolescent mental health, and is passionate about: – The ...

Robyn Campbell

About Robyn Campbell

Robyn Campbell is the busy mother of three fantastic boys all on the Autism Spectrum. As well as being a mum and a writer, she runs two photography businesses with her husband. In her spare time she pastors to kids, ...

Roshelle Franco

About Roshelle Franco

Roshelle is a proud mum to Sabrina and Liliana, two unique and utterly adorable little girls, a loving wife to Paul, the most wonderful husband imaginable (who cooks too, because she can’t), and best friend to ...

Ross Gage

About Ross Gage

Ross Gage is dedicated to helping reduce drowning deaths, and ensure all Aussies learn-to-swim and learn to swim safer. Qualified in Human Movements (Education), Ross has evolved as a successful swim teacher and coach, ...

Ross Hunt

About Ross Hunt

Ross is a 26-year-old, married father-of-one to a daughter named Isabelle. He started writing around 4 months after Isabelle was born to talk about postnatal depression in the hopes to bring about better discussion on ...

Row Murray

About Row Murray

Row Murray is a self-proclaimed “Sex Fairy Godmother” and author of For Foxes’ Sake–an educational book for teen girls and their parents. Row is passionate about helping parents navigate the ...

Rowdy McLean

About Rowdy McLean

Rowdy McLean is a father, husband, speaker, entrepreneur and author. He works with thousands of people across the globe each year, helping them understand how to be their best.

Rudo Makuyana

About Rudo Makuyana

Rudo Makuyana is one of the podiatrists at The Foot Hub, a podiatry clinic in Sydney. Rudo is passionate about foot health and treating patients holistically – not just the individual problem. Originally from Zimbabwe, ...

Ryan Heffernan

About Ryan Heffernan

Ryan Heffernan is the author of SuperDad SpeedBible. As a well-regarded Australian journalist and television producer, he has flown headlong into cyclones, almost been driven over by a man who sold his baby for $10,000 ...

Sabina Pyne

About Sabina Pyne

Sabina is a Youthrive Speech Pathologist and practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Special Education and Masters in Speech Language Pathology. Sabina has a ...

Salz @ Salz Dummy Spit

About Salz @ Salz Dummy Spit

Salwa (aka Salz) is a mother to 4 and a wife to one. She’s a little bit quirky, a little bit of fun and a whole lot of crazy. But who isn’t.

Samantha Thurlby-Brooks

About Samantha Thurlby-Brooks

Samantha Thurlby-Brooks is a specialist in pregnancy and postnatal massage as well as a birth doula and BirthWorks certified childbirth educator. She’s the inventor of the Mumanu Pillow, a self-inflating pillow ...

Sandra Beynon

About Sandra Beynon

Sandra Beynon is a publicist and author of Homecooked Food for Babies & Toddlers: A Simple Guide. When Sandra isn’t cooking, she’s thinking about cooking (or eating!) and she is passionate about ...

Sandy Hobley

About Sandy Hobley

Sandy is a passionate person who is actively working towards getting the awareness of Dyslexia out into the public arena. Her own personal journey is one of complete denial of her amazing gifts. She embraces her gift ...

Sarah Buckley

About Sarah Buckley

Sarah J Buckley is the bestselling author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: The Wisdom and Science of Gentle Choices in Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting. She is a New-Zealand-trained GP/family physician with ...

Sarah Neale

About Sarah Neale

Sarah Neale is a neonatal nurse with 12 years’ experience. She has qualifications in specialised neonatal intensive care and is Clinical Nurse Coordinator of the Special Care Nursery at the Mater Hospital – one ...

Sarah Preston

About Sarah Preston

Sarah Preston writes a lifestyle blog for Tomfo. It’s the home of a fabulous product called Tomfo – (Tomorrows Family Organiser), the perfect family organiser for busy mums and DIY Custom Party and Organising ...

Sarah-Jane Kurtini

About Sarah-Jane Kurtini

Sarah-Jane Kurtini is a founder of Tinybeans and a mum of two. S-J moved to Australia from the UK in 2009 and one of the big reasons for setting up Tinybeans was to help keep her family up to date with her kids’ ...

Angela East

About Angela East

Angela East is from Ballarat, Victoria. She combines her love for education and writing in her blog to talk about all things parenting and learning. Angela is a past teacher, present content writer and blogger and ...


About Scott

Scott is a father of two and shares his experience when his wife Gina experienced postnatal depression. He has written his story to help raise awareness for post-natal depression and for PANDA. The PANDA– ...

Sean Tonnet

About Sean Tonnet

Sean Tonnet is a psychotherapist specialising in parenting, family and couples. He is based in Mullumbimby.

Sharlene Barnes

About Sharlene Barnes

Sharlene Barnes is an education technologist based out of Kaikoura, New Zealand. She is the founder of Skool Loop, the free parent-teacher communication app being used by more than 700 schools in New Zealand and ...

Shona Gates

About Shona Gates

Shona is a mum of two from Australia. Self-proclaimed badass wine lover and authenticity ambassador. Shona is passionate about helping mums overcome their limiting beliefs about money, totally transform their money ...

Stefanie Valakas

About Stefanie Valakas

Stefanie Valakas is an Accredited Practising Dietitian & Nutritionist based in Sydney, with a special interest in women’s health, fertility, pregnancy and children’s nutrition issues. Her goal is to ...

Stella Stead

About Stella Stead

Stella Stead is an early childhood consultant, mum and author of Hey Mamma, Breathe, You’re Doing An Amazing Job, a book and mission all about reminding mums they really are doing an amazing job — no ifs, ...

Storm Ellyatt

About Storm Ellyatt

Storm is a freelance writer, blogger, first-time mum, long-time mess. Storm was studying a Bachelor of Communications and was five years into her career trajectory when life came-a-knocking. Now a wife and a stay-at- ...

Susan Ross

About Susan Ross

Susan Ross has 40 years’ experience, is Director of Birth Right, hypnotherapist, doula, midwife, doula trainer, Inside Birth® Master Practitioner and trainer, childbirth educator, public speaker, published ...

Susanna Hatcher

About Susanna Hatcher

Susanna Hatcher is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist from the Central Coast, NSW. She has worked with families over the last 13 years, in NSW and the Northern Territory. She has a Bachelor of Speech and Hearing ...

Susie Burrell

About Susie Burrell

Susie Burrell is one of Australia’s leading dietitians, known for her practical, easy-to-understand approach to diet, nutrition and wellbeing. With more than 20 years’ experience, Susie is a trusted expert ...

About Suvi Mahonen

Suvi Mahonen is a freelance writer based in Surfers Paradise on Australia’s Gold Coast. Her non-fiction appears on many platforms including The Huffington Post, The Australian and The Establishment. Her fiction ...

Suzi O'Shea

About Suzi O'Shea

Leaving behind a footloose and fancy-free life of trash-baggery, Suzi has embraced the wonderful world of motherhood and all the craziness that comes with it. She takes it all in her stride and likes to have a bit of a ...

Suzie Edward May

About Suzie Edward May

Suzie Edward May is a mother, wife, author, Australian lawyer and consumer advocate for people with arthritis. She lives in Perth, Western Australia. After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 28, she has ...

Suzy Mac

About Suzy Mac

Suzy Mac is a former finance journo and travel writer turned culinary challenged kid wrangler, jigsaw jockey and lunch boxer. When maternity leave morphed into unemployment she began developing her Perfectly Imperfect ...

Tabatha Conroy

About Tabatha Conroy

Tabatha is a mother, writer and seasoned traveler. She has lived and loved in Amsterdam and then has lived, loved and given birth in Shanghai China and has now returned to Sydney.

Tammy Anson

About Tammy Anson

Tammy Anson is a mum and a senior executive at child image protection and photo storage solution, pixevety. pixevety is an easy-to-use consent-driven online platform that offers a hassle-free solution to schools to ...

Tammy Logan

About Tammy Logan

Tammy Logan is the zero waste hero behind Gippsland Unwrapped, a blog committed to the pursuit of zero-waste living. Tammy wants to inspire others to reduce their waste and prove that living sustainably results in a ...

Tanya Curren Brown

About Tanya Curren Brown

Tanya Curren Brown is the author of the inspiring new memoir, A Tale of Two Titties (Love & Write Publishing, $24.99), in which she shares her personal account of fighting an aggressive form of breast cancer. Told ...

Tanya Lewis

About Tanya Lewis

Tanya Lewis created Eco Organiser® after realising her passion was helping people organise their TIME and SPACE – and to do it in an environmentally responsible way. Author of STUFF OFF! and founder of The10R̵ ...

Terri Smith

About Terri Smith

Terri Smith was the CEO of PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) from 2014-2019. She previously served as CEO of a professional health association, Deputy CEO/National Program and Policy Manager for Breast ...


About Serene

Serene lives in Perth with her husband and two children. She writes about marriage, motherhood, parenting, family, friendships, faith, work and everything else in between.

The Multitasking Mummy

About The Multitasking Mummy

Eva is a wife and a mother who became a stay-at-home mum after a life as a career focused woman battling post natal depression. Eva is a country girl at heart and prefers the mountains over the beach. She has a new ...

Theo Mallos

About Theo Mallos

Theo Mallos – BHthSc (Paramedic), EMT- P, is a current operational frontline paramedic working in Sydney. His years of experience in Prehospital Emergency Care have inspired him to become the Managing Director of ...


About Jessie

Jessie is a writer, mother, wife, business owner, tightwad, surprised car enthusiast, wannabe baker/foodie, who can’t grow radishes. She writes about getting the most out of life for the least money, waste, time ...

Tony Anscombe

About Tony Anscombe

Tony Anscombe is the Senior Security Evangelist for AVG Technologies and author of One Parent to Another, a new ebook and practical guide to the challenges parents and children face in today’s digital world. Tony is ...

Torny Miller

About Torny Miller

Torny Miller is a journalist, social media editor and proud mum of three.

Tracey Spicer

About Tracey Spicer

Tracey Spicer is a multiple Walkley Award winning author, journalist and broadcaster.

Ursula Kolbe

About Ursula Kolbe

Ursula Kolbe is an artist and internationally recognised author of books about early childhood. She lectured in early childhood art at Macquarie University, worked as artist-teacher with young children, and wrote and ...

Vanessa Bartlett

About Vanessa Bartlett

Vanessa Bartlett is a wellness presenter, life coach and holistic fitness trainer with 20 years’ experience coaching people of all ages, including professional athletes. She has appeared on the Channel 7 Morning ...

Wendy Field

About Wendy Field

Wendy is Head of Policy and Programs at The Smith Family. She has more than 20 years’ experience in management, administration and leadership across a range of environments, including the community sector, policy ...

Yasodhara Romero Fernandes

About Yasodhara Romero Fernandes

Yasodhara Romero Fernandes is a professional performer, vocal coach, performance and communications expert, bodyworker and former teacher

Youthrive Team

About Youthrive Team

Youthrive is a unique service offering psychology, speech pathology and occupational therapy for kids and young people.

Yvonne Wink

About Yvonne Wink

Yvonne Wink is an occupational therapist (Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy) who aims to add another set of skills to the team around a child. This involves working closely with parents and respecting ...

About Zara Lewis

Zara Lewis is a mom, designer and writer devoted to implementing healthy life habits in every aspect of life of her family and friends. Romantic soul and tech geek in one body. She enjoys hiking, cycling, yoga and ...

Zoe Bingley-Pullin

About Zoe Bingley-Pullin

Zoe Bingley-Pullin is a nutritionist, mother, chef and founder of Nutritional Edge, a nutritional consultancy company based in Sydney.



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