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Meditation for parents – where to find 5 minutes

quiet timeBeing a parent usually means very little time for yourself. You don’t get down time, you don’t get time to be still and just breath.   The crazy thing is that it is exactly what we all need to have to be able to keep going day after day.

It is essential that we try to have time each day to let our minds stop. We need to let our mind stop thinking, stop processing, stop questioning and just let it be. You will be amazed at the difference in your ability to cope with the world if you can schedule a couple of “quiet time” sessions into your day. I can hear you saying “as if”.

Believe it or not even as a parent you can fit this into your day.

Below are some of the things you can do just to get your little piece of quiet time:

  • Before you jump out of bed in the morning just take five minutes to lie there. Don’t think of what has to be done in the day ahead, don’t think about whether or not you had a good night’s sleep, just lie there. If something pops into your mind let it drift out just as quickly.
  • If you are dropping the kids off somewhere, instead of rushing off to do something or rushing in to chat to the other parents, just spend five minutes in your car with the radio off. This is your five minutes. Let your mind empty and don’t fill it back up again. Give it five minutes to just be at rest.
  • Schedule a couple of baths a week instead of a shower. Take some earplugs so you can’t hear the family and just spend time on your own. Turn the light off, light some candles and just be.
  • Next time you put bub down for a nap, don’t use all the time to clean the house. Do the chores you have to do and then take five minutes to just rest. Truly resting involves your mind not just your body. Don’t think about the next batch of bottles or washing or whatever else is needed, it isn’t going anywhere. Just let your mind be still.

You empty the rubbish bin at home, you empty the junk mail folder in your email and you empty the recycle bin on your computer but we rarely take the time to empty the one thing that absorbs everything that goes on around us.

Quiet your mind and you will have a happy and healthy soul.

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