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Make a nature table – entertain your kids with what’s in your garden!

build a nature garden for the kidsMy little guy has been reading Jack in the Beanstalk, and he is now absolutely obsessed … with beanstalks.

Every time we go for a walk with the dog, he comes back with a tall weed, “I found another beanstalk!”

We were reading another book the other day, (a collection of all the pics of him at daycare) and he saw a nature table they had made there, he said, “I want a table like that again!”

“Lets make one here” I said, so we popped outside and found some sticks and leaves and the elusive beanstalk.

Finding the beanstalk was easy, there were heaps in our garden! The nature table had to be exactly the same as the picture! Which entailed making a bridge, (a big piece of wood), that was not so easy, this was the biggest stick we could find, we propped it up on a few of our big dinosaurs and the little ones walked over it.

make a nature garden for the kids

Then we found a few shells in our collection and had fun putting some of the dinosaurs to sleep in them and hiding them from the others, with the leaves we found.

make a nature garden for the kids

Our small dinosaurs climbed the beanstalk and kept falling down, we spent ages doing this together, (I stuck the “weedstalk” on the table with a little bit of tape).

make a nature garden for the kids


When he got home from daycare that day, the weed had fallen over… just a slight meltdown… “Who chopped down my beanstalk!” was the call… I explained that plants, (even weeds) need water or they die, and then said, “It’s no problem we can easily go outside and get another one, we have plenty!” A new, bigger and better beanstalk took the place of the last one.

We’ve played with the nature table for a few days now, it was a quick and easy way to have a bit of fun with what was in our garden and what we already had. Perfect for some school holiday play, or when friends drop over! You could make an enchanted forest for the girls too and use little fairies etc!

I forgot the plastic bugs and spiders we have, next time we will use them and make it a new version, only problem now is, my guy keeps bringing home bigger sticks, because we didn’t have one big enough for the bridge last time! That’s too cute I reckon.




It’s been fun making time to play with the little guy, I can hear all the new words he is learning and see how he is growing up, he makes me remember… to stop… and just enjoy the little things, what a beautiful lesson from a 4-year-old!

Do you have enough weeds in your garden to make a nature garden with your little ones?

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