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Make a mini garden with the kids

Build a dinosaur gardenMy little guy and I made this cool dinosaur garden… who says miniature gardens always have fairies? (It’s all dinosaurs and super heroes at our place.)

He was so excited to help me add the dirt, and more importantly add the rocks and dinosaurs.

We added some stones for drainage, then filled it up with some of daddy’s spare dirt from the garage.

Build a dinosaur garden for the kids

I used Dwarf Mondo Grass, Viola, Blue Grass and Sun Jewel.

Once we had everything out, it took no time at all to plant out and make the secret track, then add in the dinosaurs (I got mine for $3 from department store).

We spent ages playing with Boris and the gang, letting them stomp through the track and hide in the plants.

Then it was time to water the plants, I thought that would be another just another job for me to do, however….

Build a dinosaur garden for the kids

He is now the “master water guy”, and remembers to water “my garden” every time we feed our dog.

When friends come over, they love hiding the dinosaurs and playing with the rock path, and watering too. Who knew making a garden could bring so much continued fun?

Build a dinosaur garden for the kids

Watching something grow with my little guy, is so cool and the pride he has in keeping it alive and well, is pretty neat too.

What gardens have you made with your kids? Thinking we will get that herb garden happening soon, I’ve always wanted one of those and I’ve got an expert “water guy” now!

Build a dinosaur garden for the kids


Live with Love,

Sarah Preston

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