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5 reasons to love the Lost My Name personalised books for children

Lost My Name personalised story books for childrenHave you ever watched a child study their reflection?

We have only one mirror in our house and I’ll often find my daughter in front of it, looking at herself from different angles. As though she’s intrigued by a world where she can be seen rather than the world she merely sees.

And that is why she loves going to the hairdresser. And looking through our photo albums. And asking me about when she was a baby.

It’s also why she’s in love with her beautiful new picture book – The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name.

She didn’t realise it at first but she is the star of this book and, as far as she’s concerned, there’s no greater story than a story about her.

The Little Boy Who Lost His Name and the Little Girl Who Lost Her Name

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name tells the story of a little girl who wakes up to discover she has lost her name! To find it she embarks an exciting adventure where she meets with a cast of different characters who each give her a ‘letter’. At the end of the book the letters spell her name.

It is just one of the personalised books available from Lost My Name. I have one for each of my children – The Little Boy Who Lost His Name for my son – and have two more packed away as Christmas presents for two of my nieces. Their names are not particularly common so they don’t have many personalised books or toys. I am sure they will both be super excited to see their names in print.

Lost My Name has also more recently released The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home Book – a magical personalised adventure that can take your child all the way from outer space directly to their front door.

The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home Book

5 reasons to love the Lost My Name books

They are beautifully illustrated

These truly are gorgeous books. The images are detailed and beautiful, the colours are stunning and there is so much to look at. The many characters are wonderfully drawn and full of expression.

They are fun to read

There are a few books on my kids’ bookshelf that are simply not fun to read. I hide these at the back and secretly hope they don’t find them until they’re able to read themselves. But there are others I absolutely love reading – fun books with an awesome rhythm or a great rhyme are my favourite. The Lost My Name books fit into this category.

Short names are not a worry

Because these books are compiled based on the letters of your child’s name I was, at first, a little worried about the difference in pages as one of my daughters has a very short name compared to my other children. The people at Lost My Name take this into consideration though and add in a four extra pages for children with shorter names.

You can choose your own pages

Each character in the book represents a letter of your child’s name – so, for example, when they meet the Monkey he gives them the letter ‘M’. So what happens when your child has double letters? Not to worry, there are a few options for each letter so there won’t be any double-ups. When making the book you can even go in to change the options. This is handy if buying for a few kids in the same family. My kids’ names have a few letters in common so I was able to mix and match the characters so their books were all quite different. An Aardvark for my daughter, an Alligator for my son and an Angel for my niece!

The child is asleep on the last page

Don’t know about you but I love a book that ends with the child falling asleep. They make perfect bedtime stories which fit nicely into the bedtime routine. And also because I’m hoping my children will quickly do the same!


This blog post is sponsored by Lost My Name.

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