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LEGO DUPLO is for all ages – even mine!

Lego Duplo Australia agesThere’s no sweeter sound than that of my three children playing happily and quietly together.

I certainly don’t hear it very often.

There are very few toys in my house that will safely engage and occupy a four-year-old, a two-year-old and a 10-month-old all at the same time. Without fights.

The toy that WILL do this is LEGO DUPLO. And that’s why I love it!

But why do my kids like it and how does it benefit them at each of their stages of development?

First, I thought I’d ask them what they like about it …

“Um, cos, cos, I like to build trucks and I like to build, um, um, um … I like playing with that big house and that airplane and that train. And that police office and that police car and that motorbike” – the four-year-old, who needs to work on his sentence structure.

“Um, go to a park?” – the two-year-old, who clearly hasn’t understood the question so I ask it again.

“My like to build, um, um, an airplane and a dog with a stick [bends over]”– the two-year-old, who, I think, means dog with a tail.

So how does LEGO DUPLO benefit children at different ages and stages of development?

The four-year-old – follows instructions but gets creative!

Lego Duplo Australia ages

By four years of age a child starts to explore possibilities. Their natural curiosity takes hold and they start to become creative. My 4YO loves to mix and match different LEGO DUPLO sets. The First Police Set has fit in to his ‘city’ perfectly. At the other end of the scale, he is also starting to read and follow instructions so he can now sit down and recreate the exact image from the box, step-by-step.

The two-year-old – loves to play and discover new things

Lego Duplo Australia ages

At two years of age a child is starting to discover the world. The Creative Animals set is perfect for her as she’s showing the early signs of being able to follow instructions – with mixed results of course, but she’s getting there. And once she’s built the ‘real’ animals she’s able to unleash her creativity to create dog-rabbits and caterpillar-giraffes!

The baby – safely learning and growing more coordinated

Lego Duplo Australia ages

So, it will be a few months before my baby has the fine motor skills to stack and build with LEGO DUPLO but she still loves to sit down and play alongside her brother and sister. It is reassuring to know that LEGO DUPLO is made with the highest standards of quality and safety. Babies as young as 18 months are able to stack bricks together and learn the names of animals and colours.

Me – relaxing while they play happily

Lego Duplo Australia ages

Seriously, how awesome is it when the kids are all playing happily together? Time for a cuppa!



This blog post is sponsored by LEGO® DUPLO® 

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