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Kids! Nothing lasts forever … not even the good stuff

Silhoutte of growing girlWhen I became a parent, I lost something.

Besides the usual things that parents of young children lose (about four hours of sleep a night, the ability to shower undisturbed and the freedom to leave the house on a whim) I lost the ability to think rationally about the future. And I don’t think I’m the only one.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

Scenario one: Baby sleeps all night for the first time ever at 12 weeks old. New non-rational me thinks baby will sleep ALL NIGHT from now until forever. And thank goodness for that!!

Scenario two: Baby (who, surprise, surprise DIDN’T sleep through until forever) wakes up at 10pm one night and wants to play until 12.30am. I assume—after just one night of midnight games—that THIS is the new normal. That baby will NEVER sleep through the night again and instead will wake until at 10pm every night until she leaves home at 18 years old (who am I kidding, 28 years old).

Scenario three: Baby eats everything offered to him. I declare him a great eater and congratulate myself on a job well done. Baby turns 18 months and decides he only wants to eat sultanas.

So why do we suddenly think that each new development will be ‘forever’. Is it just sleep-deprivation robbing us of rational thought?

Or maybe it the many unhelpful comments new parents receive? Things like “you’re making a rod for your own back” when you let a two-week-old sleep on your shoulder instead of in their bassinette.

As if a two-hour nap in the first weeks of life will sentence you to a lifetime of rocking to sleep. I’ve never heard of a teenager who still likes to sleep on their mum.

Or maybe time DOES slow when you’re a new parent. Some things do feel like forever. When you sleep in six shorts bursts for months on end time does get a little warped.

Whatever the reason we can all do ourselves a favour by remembering “this too shall pass” or “he’ll do it, in his own time”.

It isn’t easy sometimes—particularly in the early hours of the morning—but it does help.

Your baby WILL sleep.

You WILL one day be able to use the toilet when you need to.

They WILL eventually be completely toilet trained.

It also helps if you remember that even the good stuff doesn’t last forever.

That your gorgeous little boy who showers you with kisses will grow to be a teenager who grunts when you ask him how his day was.

The little girl who says she wants to ‘marry Daddy’ will one day be embarrassed be seen with him in public.

The toddler who clings to your legs and follows you around the house, will one day tell you they don’t need you anymore!

It mightn’t feel like it now—but they won’t be babies forever!

Hug them while they let you!

Image credit: fierylily/ 123RF Stock Photo

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  1. You are so right! I think the sleep deprivation warps our sense of time. In the first few months, everything felt like a trap. Like oing on thing one way, meant it would always be like that. (I wish I’d just chilled out and let my daughter nap on me more often but I didn’t want to set up bad sleep patterns). Everything is a phase. Everything is finite. That helps me survive the crap and appreciate the good!

    • I think that is why it was easier for me second-time round. I was just so much calmer and so was she. I just went with the flow and forgot about ‘bad habits’ etc. I would often sleep with her (although NEVER slept with my son as a newborn) but now he is the one always in our bed while she loves her cot. You can just never tell!



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