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Kids Club (is for the cool kidz)

I have a confession to make. During all the years I’ve been a-cinema-going I’ve never subscribed the kids to any cinema clubs (online or otherwise) or been to a babes-in-arms screening. I’m a film critic. I’m a mum. Where have I been all my life??

With the school holidays creeping up spookily fast, I figured it was about time to get out and start researching some fun things for you and the kids to enjoy (you’re welcome), hence I found myself at Event Cinemas on Saturday queuing up for a Kids Club session of Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings.

Hang on…that film isn’t released for another fortnight! And kids get to see it this far in advance? Wait just a minute…I might be on to something here! Well I don’t know what you’ve all been waiting for, but if there is ever a way to enthral the kids with the magic of cinema, then this must be it.

For starters, all tickets were only $6, but this included way more than just the movie. The theatre played host to two hours of Tinkerbell-themed activities leading right up to the movie, including princess pampering, giveaways, free fairy-floss, cupcakes and treats, and prizes for best-dressed fairy (which, sadly, I didn’t win…sigh).

The giveaways continued once inside the cinema. This was the cheap day out that just kept on giving—literally!

The Kids Club is free to join and apart from a fantastic fun day out, kids get to see their favourite films well ahead of anyone else. You get a stamp card when you join and the kids get to collect stamps every time they see a movie (collect five stamps and the kids get their sixth film free). For some reason my kids especially loved this idea, probably because it works like the same kind of reward system we use on the fridge at home. Either way, it turns out that this weekend was a good time to join because some fantastic films are scheduled to be released in the next few weeks, including a special screening of ET the Extra-Terrestrial.

I’ll definitely be seeing you at that one, unless I run into you at the next Babes-in-arms screening on Wednesday…

(Film review for Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings coming soon!)

* The author attended Kids Club as a guest of EVENT Cinemas

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