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Kids and technology

It never fails to surprise me how technologically advanced our children are today.

My daughter, Miss Z who turned 2 in July, can navigate her way around my iPad so confidently.  She can find the apps she wants to play and knows how to turn her music on plus select the album she wants to hear.

To watch her play a game which has her matching pictures or putting together puzzles is such a marvel to see, she is so proficient in using this piece of technology.

The iPad is very intuitive as it is but for a young child to be able to master the art is still amazing.

Yes I am guilty that when a tantrum ensues if we are in public that I hand over my iPhone, which I know will give me as much peace as I need to get say, finish the shopping or to get back to the car.

I used to look at some mums who had their child in a pram or at a table in a café, and these young ones were glued to an iPhone or iPad, and think “I am not going to do that!”.  How easy it can be to judge when you are not in the situation yourself.

Though some of these apps available to kids today are so educational; I am finding Miss Z counting and recognising words more easily because of these.  She sings along to the nursery rhymes, makes animal noises and follows certain prompts and actions given to her.

In my opinion, there should be a healthy balance of technology use, and simply being outside and playing, experiencing, running, jumping, and being a kid.Doing as I did at that age and coming inside the house after a long morning tired, dirty and happy!

Most offices are becoming part of the paperless society, this may be the way our schools are headed too. This seems to mean that it is important for us to allow our children exposure to today’s technology; if we don’t they may fall behind the rest of their class, before they even start school.

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  1. I believe technology will have a strong place in our children’s lives, in ways that we just would not predict just now. So I think they should definitely be exposed to it, and could definitely benefit from the educational apps and games, plus simply the accessibility to information. However, I believe it should be very limited, supervised use. Personally, we limit our 1.5yr old to 5-10mins per day. When out, it is definitely handy to have a simple, portable way to provide them with a storybook, or drawing medium, or music – I always have my phone on me, and these are the activities my daughter enjoys the most. I’m also a big advocate for “letting them be children” : getting dirty, exploring and learning ‘naturally’. I think balance is the key.

  2. I am so surprised how smart my kids are too with the ipad! You don’t want them using it too much, but at the same time, they are learning, and loving it.

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