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Kath and Kim on the red carpet!

TheBubHub: We’d like to ask you some parenting advice because you’ve done such a good job with Kim.

Kath: Oh, no I haven’t, I’ve ruined her! Helicopter parenting! Don’t do that.

TheBubHub: After your recent overseas holiday with Kim, do you have any tips on travelling with kids?

Kath: Don’t take them. I mean Kim was a nightmare. She was terrible. I was always looking after her, nothing was good enough for her. Five star, we flew premium zoo—not economy—even that wasn’t good enough for her. She complained the whole time. Don’t take your kids. They’re too spoilt, leave them at home.

The Bub Hub: We’re very disappointed that Kel isn’t here with you tonight. Is he still making his suasuages?

Kath: Totes yes, he’s a purveyor of fine meats. He missed me very much while I was away.

The Bub Hub: Did he make you a special sausage when you returned home?

Kath: Yes, he made a commemorative sausage. It was called “Return to Fountain Lakes” and it had all kinds of special things in it—secret ingredients—I don’t know what they were.

The Bub Hub: Did you get to try any Italian sausage while you were overseas?

Kath: No, I don’t want to be disloyal so I didn’t. And I was a bit wary, I mean you don’t know what they put in them over there; they looked a bit greasy. But I love the wines: we had the beaudle-low, the peeno greezio, the cheeanti…I love cheeanti—that comes in red as well, you know. And I had a lot of ham and cheese piñatas.

The Bub Hub: Well, Italy is a very religious country. Did you get in touch with cheeses while you were there?

Kath: Oh yes, there’s cheeses everywhere.

The Bub Hub: Just one more thing, we noticed that while you were away Tom and Katie separated; did that have anything to do with you looking so foxy? After all, Tom-Kat…Tom-Kath…there’s really only one consonant between you.

Kath: Tom-Kat, Tom-Kath. Look, it does make sense, and you know now that I’m a big movie star these kind of rumours are to be expected. Actually, because I’m a big movie star now I tell people that they’re not allowed to look me in the eye, so I’m going to have to do the rest of the interview looking like this [stares at my chest].

The Bub Hub: That doesn’t feel weird at all.

Kath:  Yes, well I have to do this to make myself look even more important.

The Bub Hub: Now that you are a big movie star, is there a fashion line next?

Kath: Yes, that’s right!

The Bub Hub: We were thinking this particular number would look lovely as a baby onesie.

Kath: Baby onesie…oh yes! I’m actually going to get in touch with Keith Urban and do a KathandKeith range. I love the rhino-stones. I love the cowboy look. I think Keith and I are a match made in heaven. And guys love big hoops [earrings] on a lady.

The Bub Hub: Now Kim…

Kim: Don’t boss me around.

The Bub Hub: Did you get mistaken for Liz Hurley much when you were away?

Kim: Yeah, always. But she’s a lot older than me—I’m only 25.

The Bub Hub: And you’re much better looking than her.

Kim: Yes, that’s right.

The Bub Hub: This is obviously going to be an Oscar movie; have you chosen your Oscar outfit yet?

Kim: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m getting it made at the moment. I’m ripping off a few ideas from different places.

The Bub Hub: While you were in Italy, did you get to see some of the more famous Italian sites, like Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower…(I was always good at geology).

Kim: Oh yes. And we saw the Sixteenth Chapel, the Trevisse Fountain, we went to the Vatican—heaps of single guys so that was very exciting.

The Bub Hub: And they wear dresses because they’re in touch with their feminine side.

Kim: I didn’t mind.

The Bub Hub: I like a man in a skirt; David Beckham wears the occasional skirt and there’s nothing wrong with him.

Kim: Yes. And I am SO the Posh of Fountain Lakes, y’know.

The Bub Hub: Has success changed you now that you’re a big movie star?

Kim: Oh yes!! I’m even more of a diva. It’s been a dream of mine.

The Bub Hub: Seeing that your mum is such a legend, which rolemodel mums do you aspire to?

Kim: I like Gina Rinehart, but I don’t want mum to hear about it because I don’t want mum cutting me out of the trust.

The Bub Hub: Octomum has just released her own single, any thoughts about recording a hit single?

Kim: I already have. It’s on YouTube and it’s had three hits. I’ve written about fifty songs.

The Bub Hub: Thanks Kath and Kim for talking to The Bub Hub and best of luck with the film!

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