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Jack is back! Top 100 baby names in Australia in 2012

Four cute babies sitting on a couchAfter a few years in the wilderness (ie. not in top spot) Jack is once again the number one boys’ name in Australia.

Jack held the number one position for five years before William took over in 2010 and 2011 – but you can’t keep a good name down and Jack is once again the most popular boys’ name in Australia.

Charlotte was the number one girls’ name last year and there were quite a few changes to the Top 10 compared to 2011. Ava, Amelia and Emily are in … Sienna, Ella and Isabella are out.

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There were quite a few interesting points about the 2012 list, which was compiled and analysed by McCrindle Research:

  • More than 1 in 5 boys in the Top 100 list (23 total) deriving their name directly from the Bible
  • Television and film characters are influencing baby names. The Twilight saga seems to be popular with Bella (51st), Isabella (10th), Jacob (13th) and Edward (69th).
  • Islamic-influenced names have made a Top 100 appearance for the first time – Ali (97th) and Muhammad (100th).
  • Surnames as first names are rising in popularity – especially for boys. Examples include Cooper, Hudson, Harrison, Connor, Jackson, Lincoln, Tyler, Flynn, Hunter, Riley, Owen, Mason, Ryder, Archer, Ashton, Austin, Bailey, Braxton and Harper.
  • Girls’ names are longer compared to boys’ names. In the Top 100, 37 girls’ names have three or more syllables with 9 of these having four syllables. There are only 18 boys’ names with three or more syllables – and only one of these, Alexander, has four syllables.

Do your children’s names appear in the Top 100? Are you happy that they do, or pleased that they don’t?

top 100 boys names 2012 australia top 100 girls names 2012 australiaInformation courtesy of McCrindle Research.

Image credit: anatols/123RF Stock Photo

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5 comments so far -

  1. My daughter’s name Kailey (or other variations) isn’t on the list..:) hopefully this means no two the same name at school.. at least not on the same class. Its a good thing to be unique. 🙂

  2. My son’s name is not included as he is unique Jace and his sister id Jayla. Both unique to them I have never followed the trends.



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