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IVF. Another name for Miracle. Saviour. Godsend.

ivf miracleIVF. In Vitro Fertilisation.

In another word. Miracle. Saviour. Godsend.

The way a woman feels when becoming pregnant after suffering infertility is indescribable.

Apart from the morning sickness of course.

She has a deep longing, an urge, an itch, a need for this baby. When a woman suffers this, there is likely no need on earth greater than the need for this baby.

She takes hormones and injections. She rides the roller coaster of emotion. She puts on a brave face. She feigns confidence. She hides her fears, sometimes even from her partner.

The day comes to harvest her eggs. She anticipates them with hope, hope for mature follicles. The harvested eggs are joined together with the sperm. Either through IVf or ICSI, some fertilise.

If she is lucky, she may have a few left over and enough to freeze for another round if this one fails. Though she doesn’t dare say this.

The wait for the embryos to grow into blastocyst stage feels like forever, she doesn’t even think ahead to the wait after transfer.

She has her dear Embryo, which she has probably already named… Perhaps peanut, or Emby transferred into her uterus. She tells close friends and family around her if she is new to IVF, or she keeps it quiet and doesn’t tell anybody if she is old hat at this.

The two-week wait is agonising. She tries to keep herself busy, though she can’t keep her mind off the foreign group of cells in her uterus that she so longs to become a baby.
She works, she cooks, she cleans, she pays the bills. All the while praying to God for the miracle she so desires.

The wait is up. Does she buy an over-the-counter pregnancy test? Or wait until her scheduled appointment for her bloods to be taken and wait another day for the results.

Positive or negative. These two words. They can make or break a woman.

‘You are pregnant’ brings elation, over-the-rainbow happiness and joy.

‘I’m sorry, you are not pregnant’ brings with it sadness, desolation and despair.

With either of these results the woman is given, time is the next step always. Time to see if the Embryo stays and grows inside her, or time to grieve, recover and start again.

When the said woman is successful and this baby is born, I speak from experience when I say, there is no greater joy, than the joy of holding your IVF baby at long last.

IVF. Another name for Miracle, Saviour, Godsend.

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7 comments so far -

  1. This sums it up perfectly. It really is one of the most challenging experiences I have ever had. I am currently 36 weeks pregnant with our first IVF miracle, and I don’t think the concern will stop until we have our baby to hold. And then, as I am told, it continues from there as with all parents!
    Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. Great bit of writing. The only bit missing for me was the wait in between having the blood test in the morning and getting the call in the avo. I began to find this so distressing my husband started having the day off with me. We would go and watch a movie to pass time and then I would want to go home and lay on the couch. I would watch my mobile all day. Then it would ring and I would jump up and run to our bedroom, sit on the bed feeling scared and excited, not sure what they were going to say. I could tell by their voice before they had said much whether it was positive or negative and either way I would cry. I’d cry on the phone to them when it was positive and I’d cry when I got off the phone from them, when it was negative.
    I now have a six month baby daughter from a friends donor egg and I kiss her so much everyday and tell her just how much I love her. I say ” You will never truly know just how much I love you. Until one day, I hope, when you can have a baby of your own”.

  3. Wow your description had me back there again. I was blessed on my 5th round of IVF at 45 to hold my Beautiful little girl in my arms. It made it all worth while all the ups and downs
    IVF is a miracle and I am so thankful it worked for me. To anyone who is going through IVF and gets the dreaded call remember there is always next time Miracles do happen good luck
    and stay positive.

  4. I loved this as you described it so well. I will never forget that first moment holding my daughter after IVF. I was blessed a second time with my Son after a FET. I am currently in the 2 week wait with another FET and totally related to your description of this horrible torturous time. . Really hoping I get to experience that joy of holding a miracle again.



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