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Short Fiction: ‘I do NOT want a sister’

Girl at gender revealSadie peered with juicy eyes at the buttercream marvel that had been placed in front of her.

Her small fingers wriggled on the edge of the table, as she sat anticipating the delicious taste of cake.

“Now, Sadie” mum said.

“This cake is very special.”

Sadie looked up to her mum with big, brown eyes.

“Special?” She asked, sweetly.

“Yes,” Mum replied, giving a knowing look to her husband.

He smiled back, then took the wheel.

“Inside this cake” he said, kneeling down beside his daughter, “Is a colour.”

Her eyes met with Dads.

“Pink or blue.” He stated, following up with a kiss on her head.

“If its pink…” he started

“I’m getting a sister?” She asked.

“Clever girl!” He answered back.

“And if its blue you’re getting a brother.” Mum chimed in.

Sadie’s eyes grew wide. She jumped up and down in her seat and squealed with excitement.

Dad stood behind her with the knife, and carefully, placing his hand over hers, they cut the cake together.

Sadie’s tongue poked out of her mouth, her eyes were locked on the cake. She concentrated hard and helped Dad pull out the very first piece.

The colour pink emerged from inside the creamy exterior, and the room grew loud with mum and dad’s happy cheers.

Sadie sat, in shock, staring at the pink piece of cake as they waited for her reaction.

She looked over to mum, then over to dad. Then over to mum again. She peered down to mums big belly, and stared intensely at its size.

Her eyes welled up. She took a big breath, and exploded.

Sadie’s wails could be heard from the end of the street. She threw her head back, slumped her shoulders and cried with hard intensity.

“I DON’T WANT A SISTERRRR!!!!” she cried.

Mum held her hands to her mouth, as dad ran over to pick her up for a hug.

“Baby girl!” Mum said,

“Its ok.”

Mum and dad held little Sadie in their arms and let her cry.

They understood that this must be an emotional process for her.

All she knew was her life with mummy and daddy. She was always their baby. Their little girl. Somewhere within the bright colour of that small piece of cake, Sadie had felt deeply threatened.

“I don’t want to give her my dresses!” She cried

“I dont want to give her my toys!”

Mum and dad consoled her some more.

“I don’t want to give her my mummyyy!!”

Mum felt ridden with guilt. Sore, heavy guilt that she couldn’t quite explain. Was everything going to be OK? Was Sadie going to feel abandoned in the coming months when Lucy is born?! How was she going to show Sadie that she was still as important as ever, even with Lucy around.

Dad handed Sadie to mum, then quickly left the room.

Where did he think he was going?! Mum thought.

Soon, he came back, with a small, wrapped gift. Winking to his wife, he knelt down to Sadie again.

“My darling girl,” he started.

“No one will ever replace you.”

Sadie looked up to her Daddy with a sadness and need in her eyes. She reached out for the gift.

“You will always have dresses” he said as she opened her gift.

“You will always have toys” he continued as she ripped away at the wrapping.

“You will certainly always have mummy.” He smiled and she revealed the gift from the bag.

A small, fluffy teddy inside, held a light purple heart. It read “Big Sister.”

Dad read it out to his girl, with a hug and a stroke of her hair.

“This one can only ever be yours.” He stated, with certainty to Sadie.

“Why?” She said, sobbing between her words.

“Well,” mum picked up, smiling to dad. “Lucy is your little sister, only you can be the big one.”

Sadie’s face slowly lit up. She smiled, placing her finger in her mouth.

“I’m the only big sister.” She said, proudly, hugging the small teddy bear.

Everything settled down, and the three enjoyed some cake.

Later that night, as mummy placed Sadie in bed. She smiled up sweetly to her.

“Mummy?” Sadie asked.

“Yes my beautiful girl?” Mum replied.

Sadie reached over and picked up a favourite stuffed giraffe, handing it to her mother. She said,

“Can I please give this to Lucy?”

Shocked, mum looked down at her sweet, little girl.

“I want her to know that I love her.” She said.

“I want her to have something for being my little sister.”

A tear ran down mums cheek as a smile beamed across her face.

“She will love that, Sadie.” She said

“I’ll tell her its from her Sadie.”

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