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How to prioritise your wellbeing when you’re tired and busy

Exercise after babyHaving a child will affect your time, energy, stamina, mental clarity and increased workload in every area of your life.

Especially if you have a business to run as well, or you have to return to work early on.

Bear in mind that when you do either, your energy post-baby is vastly different. No longer do you have ongoing stamina like before. Your mind is focused on your baby and may find it hard to switch in and out of ‘work mode’.

The little things you used to manage and deal with may appear bigger problems as the lack of sleep will affect your cognition and problem-solving skills. I don’t mean to dampen things if you are needing to work, but it is different and that’s the reality.

Learning to work with small pockets of time is key, if you want to make it easier to rebuild your health and fitness after having a baby.

To avoid plummeting into fatigue and feel like you still have some control over your wellbeing and household, here’s a few tips:

4 ways to make time to rebuild your health and fitness after baby

Break chores into management chunks

Break up household chores into small jobs each day or two instead of everything in one day. For example, mop just the kitchen floor when you can. Then the next day just do vacuuming. The next day, bathroom clean. Or better yet if your budget can do it get a cleaner.

Use meal delivery services

I suggest the first few months getting a meal delivery service. There is nothing wrong with getting prepared meals to heat up, or a box of ingredients with exact amounts for easy recipes. This will also help you eat better and have a healthy portions. Beyond this you can plan your meals on a weekend then do an online grocery shop, making enough for two days at least on a Sunday.

Ask for help when you can

Asking a family member or friend to come over and hold your bub or feed them can give you that extra set of hands to either do something on your computer or within your house. Or even duck out to grab a coffee down the road, or go for that 15-minute walk.

Nap when you need to

You must allow yourself 5 to 15 minutes to meditate or nap during the day if your sleep is broken at night. This is vital to your wellbeing and staying present and centred. Once your child gets a little older, get them involved in your wellness and exercise regimes.


My son, Lincoln was planking at about 12 months old because he saw me doing little bits of exercise at home. He has been clingy lately so I did literally 7 minutes of a few basic exercises right next to him at the dinner table while he ate dinner, and was bopping around in his chair getting involved.

Always give the attention your kids need, but at the same time give attention to your own needs so you can be the best version of yourself. I am here on this amazing journey with you, about to have baby number two.

You are doing an amazing job. I mean it. Keep it up! Reach out if you need any help at all.

Power to your Core,

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