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How to log in to your ‘Just Me Web’

Woman walking along beach alone leaving footprintsWe are all consumed by the internet these days — the world wide web — but why don’t we take the time to log into our own web, the Just Me Web?

The world wide web is a busy place, filled with bright lights and white noise. We spend a lot of our time and focus there, wondering what everyone else is doing, where are they going, who are they with. We use it as a marker for where we are in our own lives, but should we?

The internet gives us a lot of information about the past, the present and the future.

It needs a tangible, unemotional connection and we get a data allowance.

It’s not uncommon to get consumed by this web, but what about the other web, the Just Me Web? This one gives us information about;

  • Our beliefs
  • Our values
  • Our ambitions
  • Our emotions
  • Our strengths and stretches
  • Our needs

It’s our own personal, individual and unique web.

It’s a place of self-reflection and self-awareness. We don’t need to rely on anything or anyone else for connection, we can download as much data as we want without sacrificing download speed or paying extra for it.

What does logging into our Just Me Web do?

  • Allows us to look closely at what drive us in our life and the direction we want to go in.
  • Helps keep us in the driver seat and in control of our “life car”.
  • Helps keep us focused so we don’t get distracted and miss turns we should be taking.
  • Guides us by helping us to know when to speed up and when to slow down
  • Gives us clarity if our goals and values are aligned?

Look at your values, are they in line with your goals? For example, if you value comfort and security, yet you hate your job and dream of another occupation then your values will not let you grab an opportunity when it comes along. You will tell yourself, it’s too risky, the markets not right, it’s the wrong time of year, or I will do it later… anything to convince you to not grab it.

14 ways to log in to your Just Me Web

Schedule yourself into your diary, making “you time” a must, not a should.

Use that you time to:

  • Try meditation
  • Walk on the beach, a park, even a bushwalk
  • Go for a road trip on your own
  • Create some art – art therapy has proved very beneficial to many
  • Read self-help books/blogs
  • Write down your goals, feelings, thoughts, dreams, needs etc
  • Do a vision board and look at it frequently
  • Look for opportunity in everything
  • Ask yourself daily, “Is what I am doing today helping get me where I want to be?”
  • Put a mantra, a quote you love or respond to and that inspires you on your phone lock screen.
  • Be conscious of your thoughts, are they productive? You can’t change your first thought but you can change you next one.
  • Think about who you want to become, your outcome, not what you want to get.
  • Start new habits and rituals that get you moving in the direction of that outcome. Things such as exercise, eating habits.
  • Serve others, Mahatma Gandhi once said “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

If you want to remain in control of your life, its direction and the level of progress you make towards getting where you want to be then take the time to log into your Just Me Web.

You see the Just Me Web is a lot about self-awareness, it won’t stop you from making mistakes, but it will help you learn from them. So log into your Just Me Web today.

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