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How to Choose the Right Maternity Bra

Perhaps you’re a new mum or you’ve got a little one on the way. Congratulations! This time of preparation is full of excitement and so many changes. Before this new baby even enters the world, they are well and truly making their mark. Over the course of your pregnancy, your belly will grow and change noticeably and so will your breasts. As a mum-to-be, you may have observed that the growth of your breasts was one of the first signs of pregnancy. These changes in your body will continue over the course of nine months. In fact, it’s very likely that you’ll have several maternity bra fittings as your breasts change during your pregnancy.

As a lingerie brand that has supported women and their breasts for 130 years, Triumph understand these changes. We’ll help you choose the right maternity bras for ultimate comfort and support during this important time.

How do I choose the right maternity bra size?

Getting professionally fitted instore at Triumph is the best way to find out your maternity bra size. Our experienced staff will help find the best size and style of maternity bra for your changing body.

It’s a good idea to get fitted each trimester to keep up with your growing pregnant body. However, if your maternity bras start to feel uncomfortable or unsupportive at any time, revisit your local store to be refitted.

Take your time in the fitting room, asking all the questions you need and trying on different options. Your comfort during this time is so important. Look out for the following features in the bras you try:


Opt for a maternity bra with wide straps, sides and under-bust band. Check also for firm adjustable elastic straps that can prevent bounce and offer extra support.


The best maternity bras provide good coverage, fully enclosing your breasts with no spillage. When your breasts develop heightened sensitivity during pregnancy, this stops them from rubbing against your clothes.


Multiple hook positions allow your breasts to grow with you, so look for bras with a minimum of four. The band should always stay level across your back without riding up (a sign the band is too big). Check you can comfortably slide your hand into the top of the cup, to give yourself a little growing room.


Choose cotton maternity bras, where possible. Pregnancy causes significant fluctuations in your body temperature. Nursing and maternity bras made from cotton will help reduce irritation and let your skin breathe.

What’s the difference between maternity and nursing bras?

These are essentially the same thing. When you’re pregnant, it’s a maternity bra. If you choose to breastfeed, you may also call it a nursing bra.

Do maternity bras have underwire?

It’s recommended that during pregnancy and breastfeeding, when your breast shape is changing, you choose wire-free maternity bras. When breastfeeding, your breast size fluctuates throughout the day. Bras with a rigid underwire can put pressure on a full breast, risking blocked milk ducts and mastitis.

How many maternity bras should I have?

Once properly fitted, we recommended you keep two or more maternity bras on rotation. This means there’s one to wear, one in the wash and perhaps an extra clean spare.

As long as they’re still in good shape, you can wear your maternity bras throughout multiple pregnancies. Over time, wearing and washing will eventually erode fibre tension. Just like any other item of clothing, maternity bras have ‘use-by’ dates.

Once you know you’re pregnant and start noticing changes in the size of your breasts, it’s time to get fitted. Trust a professional to help you find the right size maternity bra. Check the levels of support, coverage, adjustability and comfort and make sure you have plenty in rotation. That way, you’ll always have a clean bra ready to go.

Browse Triumph’s full range of Maternity Bras online and then schedule a visit to a Triumph store for a professional fitting.


This blog post is sponsored by Triumph

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