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Healthy Mummy Challenge – week 1 down!

healthymummychallengeweek1The first week of the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Plan has been a success!

We’ve had some fantastic progress in just one week, including lots of ups and one or two downs, but our winners are travelling along amazingly. Cheer them on in the forum!

From the mouths of the winners themselves, here’s how they have been feeling and progressing:


From Beljane, Day 1, around 8pm – “Right about now is my “Danger Zone”. I am finally sitting down after a busy day, the kids are in bed and I would usually reach for the snacks.

I still have enough calories left to have my cup of tea (no sugar and just a little milk) and maybe some popcorn or a small home made cookie (healthier version).”

And then a week later on Day 7, she’s flying through with great results, even with an added hurdle!

“1 week down and I have just checked my measurements and weighed in. I have lost 2kg and a total of 8cm off hips, waist and 1 thigh lol. The loss is a surprise after being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism a few weeks ago.”

She’s planning to ramp up the exercise for next week, and already has her week of meals planned out – go Beljane!


From BubblesK, Day 2 – “The food has been delicious! DH is on the program with me too and he can’t believe we get pasta on a diet! I still haven’t weighted myself or done the measurement…. I have been procrastinating… ”

After weigh in day, she’s pleasantly surprised with her results!

“Well that was a nice surprise on a Sunday morning! I got on the scales and since I weighed in on Wednesday I’ve lost 0.8kg!! Have I say I’m pretty chuffed with this weeks result! 0.8kg in 4 days!! one cm off bust, waist and hips! 0.5cm off thunder thighs!!”

Her plan for the next week is to get stuck in on the smoothies and exercise, and see just how much more she can lose – go BubblesK!


From Just*Ace, Day 1, a bit of background – “When I fell pregnant with my DD I was about 70kgs, ballooned to 90kg while pregnant. When she was 1 I went on a seriously strict diet and got back down to 68kgs, but I was starving myself, living on around 800 calories a day while breastfeeding….not healthy at all. 

And once again, when I stopped that diet I gained it all back  SO this healthy mummy challenge is not going to be one of those crash diets. It is going to teach me how eating healthy can still be delicious and fun. Looking through the recipes I am very impressed already!”

After a few rocky days, she still managed to stick with it and get a positive result in the end.

“This is the first smoothie I made – vanilla smoothie mix, banana, handful of baby spinach leaves, skim milk and lots of ice. I had it for breakfast yesterday at 8am and than had a lot to do, at midday I realised I hadn’t even got hungry for my morning tea (unheard of lol) so it’s very filling, and a long lasting ‘fullness’ too.

Got some bad news which definitely proved to me how much of an emotional eater I am, as my first reaction was to reach for the chocolate

My results for the week are a 300gram loss.”

She’s hoping that this plan will help her get firmly on track with becoming a healthier mum – go Just*Ace!


From oozzle, Day 1, her situation – “I have found myself cooking for the kids early in the evening and then eating dinner myself once they go to bed. I would often have friends come over for pizza and movie night once they were asleep, eating as late as 11pm and then go to sleep full, have no set breakfast, then usually no set lunch, snacking on bread or biscuits, then have a big dinner way too late. Horrible habit to fall into. I never feel energetic, just feel clogged and blegh!

I welcome health and can’t wait to become a more positive role model for my kiddies.”

After a week hard at the exercise and sticking closely to her calorie count, she’s had a fantastic result!

“Ok, I have lost 4.2kgs.. I have stuck to my calories, taken advantage of the amazing recipes and exercises… The shakes are especially awesome blended with strawberries and passionfruit!

My favourite pants now need a belt, that’s a good thing! I have more energy than I did before too..”

While she isn’t expecting the same kind of loss next week, she’s hopeful – go oozzle!


We’ll definitely be cheering on all our amazing winners to help them reach their goals. Bring on week 2!

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