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Have you considered choosing your baby’s paediatrician yet?

Paedicare PaediatriciansCongratulations you’re pregnant! This is such an exciting time nurturing your baby and daydreaming about your new life as a family.

Whilst the majority of your medical visits so far have been spent with your obstetrician focusing on your pregnancy and the birth, many first-time privately insured mums haven’t considered choosing their baby’s paediatrician and don’t know they are usually able to do so.

Things to consider when choosing your baby’s paediatrician

Just like making the choice of your obstetrician, there are similar things you may like to consider if choosing a paediatrician to care for your baby.

  • What are the doctor’s qualifications?
  • How much experience have they had?
  • Do they have a caring and considerate bedside manner?
  • Also, it’s not only the initial appointments that you may need to consider. If your baby is unfortunately born with abnormalities or health issues there could be an ongoing relationship between you, your child and the paediatrician – who would you feel comfortable and confident with to care for your child for years to come?

Unless there is a medical need for your obstetrician to refer you to a particular paediatrician, all parents are able to request their preferred paediatrician to care for their newborn baby. Please feel free to discuss this with your obstetrician.

Baby check by a paediatrician

If you are birthing at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane and you nominate Paedicare paediatricians as your preferred paediatricians our on-call paediatrician will see you in hospital soon after the birth to perform a complete medical assessment to confirm your baby is well and has not been born with any abnormalities or health issues.

At least two or three checks are needed; soon after birth, prior to discharge and more depending on the progress of your baby.

A further check is also recommended at six weeks of age to confirm that your baby is growing and developing normally. Some heart conditions and other medical problems cannot be detected until a few weeks after your baby is born.

Routine tests your baby will receive

In addition to the complete check performed by the paediatrician your baby will also receive a range of routine tests to ensure all is well with baby; these include:

Hearing check

Your baby’s hearing will be checked with special equipment by a staff member trained in its use. One to two babies per 1000 will be born with permanent hearing loss. Early detection and treatment of hearing loss improves language and learning outcomes.

Heel prick blood

This tests your baby for some uncommon but treatable medical conditions including hypothyroidism, Cystic Fibrosis, and metabolic diseases. If problems with the test are detected the paediatrician will be informed and will contact you.

Oximetry [blood oxygen levels]

This test rules out uncommon breathing and heart problems in your baby, which can occasionally be difficult to detect on routine physical examination. A small probe will be attached to your baby’s hand and foot measuring the oxygen level in your baby’s blood stream.

Choosing Paedicare paediatricians

Our team of qualified paediatricians provide patients with a combined 100 years of medical expertise.

Your little one will feel completely at ease with our caring and compassionate professionals. We also provide trusted advice so you feel educated and confident with your exciting new role as parents.

Learn more about our team and establish if Paedicare paediatricians are the right fit for you and your family. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us or speak directly with your obstetrician about your available choices.


This blog post is sponsored by Paedicare Paediatricians

Paedicare is a private group of seven highly qualified and caring paediatricians with the shared goal of providing holistic care based on current best practice to babies, children and their families.

The team provides specialist paediatric services for newborns at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane, including 24 hour neonatal care through their Maternity Service and Special Care Nursery.

They also provide specialist services for a vast range of conditions which affect babies, children and adolescents at their consultation rooms in South Brisbane and at Mater Children’s Private Brisbane. Learn more about our team and services at

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