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Hands up if you want to make a difference!

Hands up if you think that one person can initiate change. Hands up if you know that together we can make a difference!

By now the controversy surrounding the breastfeeding in public issue has died down in the traditional media. But we are still beaming with pride here at Bub Hub HQ!

We want to congratulate all the women who were involved in the Sunrise Nurse-in.

And of course, we feel honoured that all began on the Bub Hub. We are so proud that it was a Bub Hub member who instigated the event with a thread entitled: Nurse in at Sunrise – Sydney and a post containing the simple words:

“Who wants to? And when?”

Congratulations for having the guts to stand up for what you believe is right. Your actions have no doubt helped the cause immensely. And further congrats, for facing Kochie in what we can imagine was quite an intimidating setting. If anyone missed the interview you can watch it here – Breastfeeding in Public Debate on Sunrise.

The Sunrise Nurse-in and its humble beginnings on the Bub Hub have proven what we’ve thought all along – that as a community we can bring about REAL change in the wider society.

We are all part of the Bub Hub Army!

So if you’ve got an issue you feel strongly about, don’t forget that together we can make a difference.

There are SO many talented, creative and clever people on the Bub Hub and there are so many ways we can combine our collective knowledge to make a difference in the world.

It doesn’t have to be a big difference it just has to be a change for the better.

Post your issue in our Bub Hub Army section of the forum and gather support for your cause.

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2 comments so far -

  1. What did you change exactly? This seems to be about ONE person who made a remark that SOME people didn’t like. What were you trying to achieve? If I rallied people to protest en masse at the workplace of every person who said things I found offensive, I’d never get anything else done! I am a breastfeeding mother and I DO wish some women would be more classy about it, nothing wrong with that. It’s called consideration.
    I can’t believe that in a world full of starving children, gun violence, drug addiction, children being sold as slaves, and neglectful parents who get to keep their children, that THIS is what you all chose to get upset over. I agree with the Bubhub crew that the rallying at such short notice to take action was impressive so I challenge you: Use that incredible energy and talent to make a REAL difference in the lives of those who are really suffering, not just people who are a bit offended.

    • Bit of a late response as I just saw this comment. But anyway.
      What we achieved was pretty simple- we raised awareness about the laws surrounding breastfeeding in public. It wasn’t that some were offended, not at all. Koch’s decision to broadcast his opinion on how a woman should breastfeed is not in line with the state and federal laws regarding the rights of breastfeeding mothers. There is nothing in those laws to say a woman should be classy or discreet and by using those words, he implied that breastfeeding itself is indiscreet- and it’s not. It’s a natural and normal way to feed a baby and I personally wanted to reiterate that. The last thing Australia needs is to have any shameful connotations surrounding breastfeeding when our rates are so low.
      Your comments regarding starving children etc is a strawman argument. We cannot and should not ignore issues like breastfeeding discrimination because other completely unrelated issues exist. If just one person was able to feed publicly without feeling shame because of this demonstration (and I know of more than one such case!) then I’d consider it a success. I also consider it a success because many people commented to me that before this, they did not know about the laws surrounding it.
      I’m sorry you feel that there is some need to be “classy” when bf, I suggest if you see someone feeding a baby in a way you don’t like to see, that you look the other way or keep walking.



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