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Birth story: ‘I’m never going to have this baby’

At 39+3 weeks I walked out of my OBs crying, sobbing to my husband “I’m never going to have this baby”. For weeks my doctor had been saying he wouldn’t see me next week, and each week I turned up for my appointment still pregnant!

That Sunday (39+5) we went to my in-laws’ house to say goodbye as they were off on a cruise, as I was leaving I was told by husband’s nan that I wasn’t having this baby anytime soon! I was WAY too high! I would still be pregnant when the in-laws got back from their cruise. Just what you want to hear two days before your due date huh?

After a bath and bed I woke up at 4am that next morning needing to wash all of the baby’s towels and wraps again, clean out the cupboard under the stairs and the books! I then took the dog for a walk, and decided that today was the day that I needed to change my name with the bank to my married name (we’d been married for 12 months by then … it was on the to do list for quite a while! At 9:20am I quickly ducked to the bathroom … to discover my mucus plug!

Contractions started about lunchtime that day. They weren’t painful in any way. When DH got home at 5pm, they were stronger, and I was timing them but I was still comfortable, they were very much ‘there’ just not painful.

We went to bed at 11pm (after picking my Mum up at the airport at 8:30pm). At 2am I was awake. Apparently these contractions get more painful huh! At this point I couldn’t sleep through them. I got up, followed by DH, followed by my Mum. We drank copious amounts of tea and timed contractions until 10am. They still weren’t causing me any real pain. I decided at 10 that that was it. We were going to the hospital to find out if this was the real deal!

We got to the hospital at 10:30am, after being monitored, and an internal it was discovered it was real! In fact I was 5cm dilated and fully effaced and if I wanted they could break my waters for me!

After my waters broke the contractions became much more intense. I went from being able to talk thru them to struggling to breathe through them! At noon I decided I wanted a pethidine shot, and promptly told my mum to organise it! I had been sucking on gas for about 30 minutes also.

After that was a blur, I nodded my head and sucked the gas through contractions and had NO urge to push! After an internal my midwife told me I could push whenever I was ready. After about three pushes, out came my beautiful DS, born at 5pm on his due date, Tuesday August 17, 2010. 3.4kgs, 51cms, apgars of 9 & 10.

Labour is recorded as six hours, with pethidine and gas, a first-degree tear.

Thanks to mum Uh-Oh for sharing her story.

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