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Hair dyeing while pregnant

hairdyeingwhilepregnantThis is a topic that comes up fairly regularly – expecting mums want to look their best! The question that comes up is, though – is it safe? A lot of mums-to-be want to dye their hair while they are pregnant, but will it harm the baby at all?

The answer? There is only limited research available on the topic, but the research that does exist indicates that hair dye doesn’t adversely affect unborn babies. Of course, you may still be worried. Here are some ways to be safer when colouring your hair while pregnant.

Minimise contact

One of the biggest concerns is having the dye in direct contact with the scalp for a prolonged period. Prolonged contact can allow some chemicals to get into your skin, which may be of concern to you. By getting foils, highlights, or lowlights instead of a full dye, you minimise dye contact with your scalp.

Leaving the dye in for a smaller amount of time than normal can also help to lessen the amount of chemicals that can be transferred into your skin.

Wait a little longer

Waiting until you are further along in your pregnancy means your baby is stronger and less vulnerable to any chemicals that may have harmed them earlier in the pregnancy. It is not necessarily less risky, but can put your mind at ease by waiting a little longer.

Make sure the environment is well ventilated

The fumes from hair dye are also a big worry for many mums-to-be, and even non-pregnant women too. By making sure the room is well ventilated and the fumes and odours from the dye can dissipate easily. Try getting an appointment earlier, before too many people have had their hair dyed in that particular place – the risk of inhaling some the fumes will be smaller.

Try eco-friendly dyes

They can be a little more expensive, but eco-friendly dyes and a lot nicer on your hair and scalp than normal ones. You should be able to get whichever colour and shade you want, and the risk will be minimised. Eco-friendly dyes include henna, and vegetable dyes.

If you make sure you follow these simple steps, you’ll greatly reduce the already tiny risk of chemicals getting to your baby through the process of dyeing your hair while pregnant. And if you are still concerned – it might be best to hold off until baby is born.

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  1. I guess as with many other things within pregnancy you have to exercise extreme caution! I think I would drop the hair dye for nine months to be honest!



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