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Golf – Can this sport really benefit your child in many ways?

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As a mother of 2 children and 3 stepchildren, I’ve attended my share of sporting events throughout the years. My kids have tried everything from ballet to lacrosse and enjoyed most of it, including golf. After watching and sometimes participating in various ways, I’ve noticed different effects on the kids from different sports. Golf and swimming are two of my favourites with golf having an edge because I don’t like all the ear infections that come from swimming pools. Golf has a multitude of benefits for kids, both physical and mental.

Fresh Air – Sunshine – Exercise

Need I say more? Fresh air, sunshine, and exercise are great for all of us and golf certainly gets them outside for all three. Sudden storms might pose a lightning threat but with use of common sense to come in out of the rain, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Family Time

This too, is obvious. The typical family rushes in different directions from soccer to t-ball, followed by Little A’s. A game of golf, played by everybody at the same time on the same course is a delightful, much easier, change of pace.

As an added bonus, golf is a sport that can be played from pre-school to elderly ages. Everyone from Jack Junior to Grandpa Jack can get out and play together. There is something special about participating in a sport that includes a large age span. Kids spend so much time with their same-age peers, it becomes hard for them to relate to people of other ages.

Spending time with the family and not having any technology in sight means conversations and communication, which in the world of iPods, iPads, and smart phones, is increasingly becoming rare even if you all live together.

Concentration & Coordination

Another benefit I really appreciate about golf is the concentration and coordination required to play.  Most kids can kick a soccer ball pretty easily or throw a basketball somewhere near the backboard and net, but hitting a tiny ball off with a thin metal club is a different sort of thing altogether. It requires thorough concentration and better than average hand/eye coordination.  If a kid doesn’t naturally have it, it can be developed and the benefits from that will show in many areas of life.

Learning to Take Turns

Most sports require taking turns or waiting for time on the field. Golf is no different other than you’re expected to wait and watch other players with a certain amount of respect and decorum. Kids don’t need to be overly formal – after all, the idea is to have fun. It’s simply not as rowdy a sport as football or baseball. Yet, it’s no less competitive for those who love competition.

Creating Future Leaders

Golf is a game which teaches many life skills – hard work, practice, perseverance, reflection, respect, honesty, integrity, working with others, focusing on a task. These are skills of true leaders and are transferable to other areas of their lives both now and as they grow older.  Many business owners, male and female, play golf and your own young future business leaders will have these inbuilt skills.

As a mother, the benefits gained by kids who play golf are clear. Patience, concentration, leadership, and respect are just a few attributes enhanced by the sport. Unlike little league or high school football, golf is a game you can easily play anytime in your life. If you’re looking to have your kids involved in something outdoors that will give them a competitive edge throughout life, golf is an excellent sport.

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