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Five ways YOU can reduce your risk of breast cancer

breast cancerIn general, you have an increased risk for breast cancer if you’re a woman and if you’re getting older – so, unless you’re Benjamin Button, there’s not much you can’t do about that.

But there are some ways you CAN reduce your risk of developing breast cancer.

Five ways you can reduce your risk of breast cancer

Breastfeed if you can

The longer you breastfeed the lower your risk of developing breast cancer.

Eat well

Eating a healthy diet and making sure you get your five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit a day will help to reduce your risk.

Cut back on alcohol

Researchers have found a strong link between alcohol and the risk of developing breast cancer. Limiting your drinking to just two standard drinks a day will reduce your risk.

Exercise regularly

Research has shown that regular exercise – even just a brisk walk – can be enough to reduce the risk. The more you do, the greater the reduction in risk.

Maintain a healthy weight

Women who put on a lot of weight as adults – especially around the time of menopause – may be increasing their risk of developing breast cancer


– Information from Cancer Australia and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

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