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Five ways to make the most of every day

Make the most of every dayHands up – who has the same concern as me …

Because I’m looking down the barrel at the coming months and wondering which blink it was that stole the rest of the year? Where does the time go?

As a mum running a home business, I’m always frantically chasing after my life … but my life is always far far ahead of me. I can run after it, shout at it, beg it to wait, but it is always off in the distance, impatiently beckoning at me to keep up.

Is it the children? The demands of a household? My work?Or simply a combination of all three?!

Whatever the cause, I’m often trying to keep up with a ghost that has more stamina than the Energiser Bunny.

So how do we ensure that our chaos-filled lives still hold some clarity, some meaning and some purpose… allowing us to look back on each day with some perspective, appreciation and sense of achievement, and not a sea of days, lost in chaos and frazzled nerves?

Do one thing for someone else

Just a small random act of kindness is enough to fill the happiness boots for the busiest of people. A compliment to a stranger, a helping hand with some shopping, a care pack or a donation… it doesn’t have to big, it just has to be from the heart.


We all know that exercise makes us feel happier, calmer and better equipped to handle the chaos of everyday living, but how many of us really do get our 20 minutes every day? Whether it’s dancing around the kitchen with a toddler or playing soccer in the park, getting out and getting moving really makes a difference to our outlook on the day

Accomplish one task

If your to-do list is like mine and lengthier than the Pacific Highway, the sheer weight of such a list is enough to frazzle the calmest of people. But just choosing one task a day and getting it done makes your day feel much more productive!

Do just one thing that you love

I can’t think of the last time I did this… and certainly not every day! But that is about to change. Because, whether it’s a hobby, a goal or a 5 minute escape on candy crush saga, every day should always include something that breathes life into who you are.

Reset your focus

At the end of every day, take a moment to relive the day, remember its triumphs – and that does include those forgotten successes such as the kids are still alive, the washing is done, the dinner was not burnt! Then clear the decks so you can start afresh tomorrow with renewed energy and an enthusiastic mind.

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