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Film Review: Frankenweenie

A revamped version of Tim Burton’s 1984 short film, Frankenweenie is a shockingly good creepy movie released just in time for Halloween.

Probably a little too mature for little ghouls and boys, Frankenweenie is beautifully animated, lovingly crafted, and like Mary Shelley’s famous prometheus, full of brainless heart.

When Victor’s canine best friend Sparky is hit by a car and killed, Victor cooks up the genius plan of bringing him back to life for his school science project. The plan works in an elaborate storm of tension and electricity, but Victor finds out the hard way that where there’s lightning there’s thunder, too.

Frankenweenie is a highly entertaining, fun, imaginative, and kooky film which is extraordinarily likeable and easy to watch. Burton has a great admiration for early Hollywood horror films to which he pays loving tribute throughout the film.

Unlike most Burton films, the jokes are surprisingly upbeat and cheeky, rather than dark and ironic, so
Frankenweenie has a greater audience appeal than some of his more melancholy films such as Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

As for the horror, Frankenweenie isn’t scary for the most part, but the final scene may upset smaller children. (Spoiler alert: A frightening bat is killed somewhat unpleasantly, and although it isn’t terribly graphic, the implications may be a little too advanced for some children to handle.)

A truly memorable film, Frankenweenie is Tim Burton at his creepy best.

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