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Father’s Day rocks

One of the benefits of having slightly older children now is that they do understand that on a few days a year that when we ask for a sleep in WE MEAN IT!!!!

Last Sunday was a great day and one of the best Father’s Days I have had yet.  Not because we did anything special, we didn’t really, but because IT WAS ALL ABOUT ME!

I love my Dad to bits but he was away so we did not do a big family function it was just my family looking after me ALL DAY!  The kids were quiet until almost 8AM!!!! (a record) but I still had to pretend I was asleep so they could get the enjoyment out of waking me up (why do kids love doing that so much?)

One of the things that made it really special this year were the cards the kids wrote that came with the gifts the school organises every year! It might be a little sappy but to see the effort and care the girls put into their cards was great. The fact I was a super hero in one and the world’s best dad in the other did not hurt either. Of course the boy forgot to do one but his mum saved him again!

Let’s be clear, ladies, we boys are not too hard to figure out. Big breakfast and then spent the morning watching my beautiful wife doing lots of jobs without nagging me once! I’m not sure if she planned it that way but it was certainly very nice!

Played computer games with the kids, watched a few games of football (various codes) and them popped off to water polo for a few hours with the boy.

Got home to find DW had been cooking up a storm, watched some more sport and then had a great dinner. Had to watch Big Brother with the kids (sadly it is growing on me).

It was not until I sat here to type this up that I realised it was so special because it was such a normal day. Sure the lack of nagging made it better but I suppose it was the realisation that my family seem to like me and appreciate me that made it great.

More importantly it was the sense that I was doing a good job as a dad that made it a good day. That is something I think many dads lose sight of.

It was really great to see in the Dad’s chat section of the forum a discussion thread about best first-time gifts for dads.  There were some great ideas and I hope the dads got a kick out of them. Tell us your favourite first-time Father’s Day gifts in your comments please.

Before signing off I would like to make a call out to all the dads out there. I moderate the Dad’s chat area of the forum and I think the most dads we have had in there is about 50!!  That is not a bad number but when you consider that we have more than 100,000 forum members it does leave the 50 of us feeling a little oestrogen-whipped from time to time.  So any dad’s looking for advice or tips are more than welcome to join.


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