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Family fun – things to do on the school holidays

familyfun-thingstodoIt’s that time again – school holidays! You’ve got to fill the coming weeks with fun activities and outings, or else you and the kids will get stir crazy. So what can you do? Check out our Things to Do page for ideas and inspiration!

What beats a good old fashioned day at the park? Not much, I reckon! Grab some yummy food for a picnic, pack the sunscreen and hats, and have a play day at your local park! Even take the bikes, and have a family bike ride! You could even check out some new, or bigger parks while you’ve got the whole day to explore. See what the best parks are in your city, and find your local one here.

If you’re looking for a little more excitement – why not spend a special day out at a theme park, or zoo? Kids love rides, and especially animals, so this would be a great treat for them.

You could organise a meet-up of mums and kids at a play centre, and let them run wild (in an organised manner) while you catch up with your friends and other school mums.

Local libraries will almost ALWAYS have fun events and activities planned for the school holidays. Check your local council website to see where you closest library is, and plan a fun day at the library just hanging out and reading, or getting involved in the activities they put on for you.

And if you still need things to do, there is a huge range of fun, and sometimes free, activities put on for kids during the holidays. You can check if your local council puts on other events, as well as museums, art galleries, and even just a great market to have a wander through!

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