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Expressing breast milk: the benefits of double pumping

Medela Freestyle Double BreastpumpThere are some things that are better done quickly.

While I was breastfeeding my first child, I was in no hurry. It was a relaxing experience and he and I both took comfort in the act. Plus I desperately needed a good sit down and was mid-way through the Scrubs DVD boxsets. Compare that to expressing milk for him when I returned to work. Sitting alone in a (very comfortable – thanks!) room wondering what my colleagues were doing with their lunch break and stressing that I wasn’t getting enough milk for my poor little baby boy. Oh – and not a Scrubs episode in sight!

If only I’d been asked to write this blog post way back then. I’d have learned about the benefits of double-pumping – thanks to research conducted by Medela and the University of WA – and I’d have been free to use my lunch break for what it was intended – Candy Crush.

So, if I could time travel, I’d tell my stressed-out, lunch-lonely past self to invest in a double pump. And, obviously, I’d recommend the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump.

I’d also tell my past self to not bother much about Scrubs season nine. It had well and truly jumped the shark by that stage.

So what exactly are the benefits of double-pumping?
(compared to single or sequential pumping)

  • Up to 18% more milk compared to single pumping in a pumping session when sequentially pumping on both breasts
  • 80% of the milk volume can be removed in the first 6 minutes
  • Provides milk with higher energy content, which is especially important for preterm babies
  • High energy content indicates increased breast drainage, thereby assisting in the maintenance of lactation
  • Increased levels of prolactin – leading to increased milk output
  • Twice as fast as single pumping to get the same amount of breastmilk

Is a double-pump right for you?

  • For regular up to daily usage
  • When saving time is a priority
  • When convenient and effortless pumping is required
  • For use at home or on the go
  • When an intuitive and easy handling is key


This post was sponsored by Medela. If you’d like more information about the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump or to find a stockist you can visit the Medela Australia breastfeeding site

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