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Birth story: Baby Cameron’s express delivery

“I’d only just got there so it was way too soon to be
telling us the hair colour!

I’d been having intense Braxton Hicks for the last trimester, but this one at around 5.15pm on a Sunday was different, it was a little painful. I waited for a few to pass until I was certain, then asked my husband to time them.

He called back “four minutes, three minutes, just under three minutes”.

Within 30 minutes, the contractions went from barely noticeable to very intense. Even though the antenatal classes had instructed us to “wait at home as long as possible” I knew I wasn’t going to be able to cope with this pain, if this was only early labour.

We called the hospital to let them know we were coming in, I had a quick shower, husband then strapped on the hired TENS machine and we left.

I barely remember the car trip. The husband has since commented that I “went very quiet and stopped laughing at jokes”.

When we arrived, someone bought me a wheelchair as I was struggling with contractions that were only a minute or two apart. When we found the labour ward, I was a sweaty mess begging for an epidural. The midwife shrugged off my request, as she knew this was my first baby and I’d only been in active abour for just over an hour.

She offered gas and air to do a quick check and everyone was shocked that I was 8cm. My further plea for an epidural was met with a “sorry, there’s no time”.

My waters were broken and it was discovered there was meconium in the waters. Monitors placed on me revealed that baby’s heart rate had dropped and was staying down. It was also mentioned that the baby had dark hair, and I remember thinking that I’d only just got there so it was way too soon to be telling us the hair colour!

During a contraction, I was offered a morpheine injection which I frantically nodded my head at. I had already kicked one of the midwives thrashing about so it was possibly more for their benefit, not mine!

I didn’t tell anyone I needed to push, I just started pushing and was immediately encouraged by the midwives, however baby was stuck.

The room which had initially had two midwives and my husband, was now full of about 15 assorted medical staff and an obstetrician. I was told that forceps had to be used and they would “hurt a little bit”. They hurt a LOT!

At 7:14pm, after a frantic two-hour labour, my baby was born and my husband whispered that it was a boy.

I was stitched up after an episiotomy that I didn’t know I’d had, I then limped to the shower and that’s when the morpheine finally kicked in.

When I tell people that I’ve had a 2-hour labour, most people tell me I’m lucky. I tell them it was excruciating and terrifying.

Even so, I’m definitely considering another baby.

Thanks to mum Chloe for sharing her story.

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