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Ever had a life-changing event?

8558531_sSo tell me… have you ever had a life-altering moment?

Something that is big enough to completely transform, not only the path of your life, but your entire outlook on the world too?

I did recently. And I’m still slightly reeling.

It was a regular Friday afternoon, I’m playing with the kids, feeling more than the usual exhaustion that a working mum of two feels by the end of the day. Taking myself to bed with a couple of Panadol, hoping it will ease by morning, I’m quickly staggered by how truly awful I feel.

On it goes until Sunday afternoon, when eventually I buckle and head into emergency.

Wheeled straight through emergency and into intensive care, I know things aren’t good, and diagnosed with severe pneumonia and acute sepsis of the blood… the saga begins.

With every spare vein connected to some form of IV, the machines bleeped, the doctors scurried around and the husband paced the halls, whilst I lay there wondering exactly what on earth had happened to my world.

Four long nights passed and eventually, amidst the haze and the chatter, I heard the words stable and I breathed a very sore sigh of relief.

But the enormity of what had happened didn’t hit me until I was settled in the ward, where I found out exactly how touch-and-go my situation had been, and how much damage it had truly wreaked on my body. One different result, one altered medication and… well… I might not be writing this now.

And so as I sit here, over a month after the event – still sore, still exhausted – and still with a myriad of tests ahead of me, I also have a light bulb illuminating my every thought. Because this experience has made me realise how truly precious life is. Not in a passing ‘wow, I’ve just been in hospital’ phase, but a real, absolute and overwhelming passion for life… for my life.

And with that passion comes the drive and inspiration to make the leap and do what I love for a living. To make sure I kiss and hug my children every day… no matter how frustrating they can be! Because I might not be there tomorrow to do it.

I’ll never know where it came from, how it invaded our world with such ferocity, and whether I’ll ever be struck down again. But for the moment, I’m inspired to be alive.

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2 comments so far -

  1. Yes I have had a life altering event.

    I had undiagnosed placenta accreta, all went well until the placenta wouldn’t come away and all came crashing down after that.
    Blood going as fast as they were putting it in, not knowing what was real, what wasn’t, had I even had my baby or was this a nightmare, was I going to live??

    Makes you really sit back and think doesn’t it. Glad youa re feeling better and I hope all tests before you come back with good results

  2. WOW. Thanks for sharing your story with us! So sorry to hear that you’ve had to go through this. How terrifying for you and your family. Wishing you a speedy recovery! In regards to the question you’ve asked, I haven’t experience such a life-altering moment firsthand but I always felt grateful that in my previous career as a newspaper journalist I was able to meet and spend time with people who have. I felt so privileged to be able to listen to (and retell) their stories and hear firsthand the wisdom they had gained. On those days it really made me appreciate what I had and helped me to understand that I would not always have it.
    All the best AJ!

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