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Entertainment ideas for a child’s birthday party

Children's birthday party entertainmentAnother year has gone by and already another birthday is approaching.

You’ve managed to organise your child’s friends to come over for a birthday party. Again (these happen so often you’d think they could limit them to once a year).

You’ve prepared everything you need to in order to feed them, water them, and keep them safe. The only question left is: what are they going to do all day?

Kids’ party entertainment is a must; simply throwing them into the backyard and bidding them “Play!” is not going to keep them occupied for long, if at all, and free play can often lead to various forms of mischief from children. Depending on the number of kids in attendance, the length of time the party will go for, and, of course, your budget, you can set up a heap of activities and games to keep all the kids interested enough to avoid any mischief.

Here are some options to keep those kids entertained.

  • Set up a craft table – have them paint T-shirts, or decorate photo frames, or anything else you can think of for them to take home.
  • Pin the tail on the donkey – or if your party is themed, do something like pin the patch on the pirate, etc.
  • Treasure hunt/lolly hunt – hide treasures or lollies around the yard and give either give them clues to find them, or let them run free and see who gets the most.
  • Pass the parcel – with a couple of mini-prizes in the outer layers and then one big one in the end.
  • Musical chairs – or if chairs might get too dangerous, use pillows, cardboard cut-outs, or anything else.
  • M&M race – you put M&Ms in a bowl and get the kids to move them to another bowl at the other end of the table without using their hands – i.e. using a straw.
  • Freeze dance – an oldie but a goodie – play music and have the kids dance, then they have to freeze when the music stops or they’re out.
  • Coloured hairspray and face painting – set up a station where the kids can get colourful for the rest of the day.
  • Have a dress up theme – give out a best dressed award, and any other awards you think would be fun.
  • Make parents play games too – it’s hilarious for the kids to watch.

There are a few more options you could try if you’ve got the cash and the space to do them. You could hire:

  • An entertainer – this can be a clown, a fairy, a magician, or anything else your kid would like.
  • An animal farm – kids love to pat baby animals, and if you don’t have the space for one at your house, you can take the kids to one.
  • A ball pit – kids can get lost for hours in one of these – but in a good way!
  • A jumping castle – fun for everyone!
  • A blow up pool – if it’s hot, this will keep everyone happy.
  • A bubble machine – great to keep younger kids entertained.

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