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Educational toys for Christmas

Santa toy train on a trackFun gifts are always a treat for kids – but if you can get them to be fun AND educational, you’re really doing them a great service.

Learning through play is a great way for kids to enjoy education, and many kids learn best through play.

So when you’re thinking about what to get the kids this Christmas why not think about getting them a toy they can learn from AND have great fun with?

We’ve compiled a list of fantastic educational toys for kids – with age recommendations. Check out the list for toys your little one would like, and make note for other kids you might be buying for like nieces and nephews.

  • Blocks – just plain blocks or connecting ones – 1 year +, and you can change the type of block as they get older
  • Stacking rings – where bub stacks rings on a stick – in any order to begin with, then teach them to put it in size order when they’re ready – 1 year +
  • Puzzles – simple ones like animal shapes that fit into little cut-outs to being with, then getting harder as they get older – all ages
  • Musical toys – like a mini xylophone or drum, it might get noisy but they learn about sounds – 1 year plus
  • Whiteboards/blackboards and chalk or erasable markers – they can start learning how to draw and write (as illegible as it may be for a while). They’ll get the hang of it and start leaving your pictures and messages to find.
  • Science experiments – science kits for kids to play around with – 8 years +
  • Board/puzzle games – sometimes these aren’t so educational, but you can find good ones that make the kids think and get creative with how they play – 6 years +
  • Apps for tablets or specialised educational tablets – if the kids are playing games on a tablet, they can be learning at the same time if you pick the right apps, or get a special tablet that just has educational games on it – 3 years +
  • Play laptops or keyboards – they can start learning to type and put letters together – 3 years +
  • Train sets – the kids can learn about movement and how trains and railways work while playing with them – 3 years+
  • Books – while not quite toys, books should always be on the gift-giving list. Whether you’re reading to them, teaching them to read, or they can read by themselves – this is always a good option.

There are so many more toys you can find that will teach your kids and help them learn all sorts of different things while they are playing. Remember that any kind of toy can be made to help them learn if you can make up a lesson yourself – even as simple as counting or identifying colours with blocks.

Most of the time, any toy will be educational for young kids and babies – they are constantly learning new things.

So think about combining the educational and the fun this Christmas, your kids will thank you, even if they don’t know it themselves!

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