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Eating in the raw

beetroot juice raw food dietTall dark and handsome, sometimes smooth and sweet or strong and nasty!

You’ve been there every morning, every afternoon,and even a sneaky one after dinner on occasion! But now you have become bitter and twisted, you don’t give me the buzz you once did (oh, who am I kidding, I crave that buzz right now!).

So long black delicious coffee!

I’m swapping you for something sweeter,  fruitier, buzzier (maybe?), messier? (yes!) but that’s just my obsessive cleaning gene talking, and we’ll need something a lot stronger to go into that!

I’m swapping you for something raw! ROAR!!

I’m not normally one for fad diets or going all grainy and organic, but I do eat healthy food and love cooking! So when I read about having a predominantly raw diet I was intrigued.

This is my second day on the 28-day raw food program and it’s becoming interesting and well…. purple! My once very, extremely satisfying coffee has now been replaced with something called ‘blood builder juice’. I know, it sounds like an action movie, and surprisingly a big ‘S’ did appear on my chest, I kid you not.

I’m learning about things I didn’t even know existed!

For example, have you ever used/heard of Chia seeds? Well, me neither! Turns out they’re full of all sorts of goodness (I feel like Michelle Bridges on the vitamin ads!) such as, dietary fibre, antioxidants (love those), protein and omega-3.

I also found out that six-year-olds don’t necessarily like drinking juiced vegetables for breakfast, that has been duly noted and understood.

Now, the big question is why?

Why am I giving up some vices that I love and look forward to? There’s no reason to do it, no one’s making me do it, but I want to, I think it’s fun to experiment with food and try something new.

You don’t have to change your whole diet, but just add a bit of this and a bitta that, show your kids that healthy food is fun and it can be really messy too! I know, they love that part!

So goodbye dark delicious coffee, it’s not you it’s me; a happy, healthy juiced up Super Me!

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