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Do you count your blessings?

Vintage photo of two small girls with message to count your blessingsIt is so easy these days to get so caught up in the hectic nature of our lives and the world around us.

Sometimes, this can attract too much negativity in our lives. This negativity can be quite toxic to us, our wellbeing, and others around us.

One of the many, many things that I have learned since becoming a mother is to be mindful and to count your blessings. After all, we each have our own story that needs to be written. It is really up to us how that story does get written – do we really want our story to reflect us as being bitter, negative and ungrateful?

On the especially tough days, we should stop, reflect and count the blessings that we already have … because guaranteed, there is someone out there who is much worse off.

Now, we simply do not have the power to change the outcome for everyone who is doing it tough out there. But, we do have the power to change our own, and to be a positive life force in the lives our children and partners.

Pregnancy, child birth and parenthood, as a whole, is a wonderful experience. It should be cherished, even on those days when you feel like ripping your hair out.

Nobody ever said that the choice to become a parent is an easy one or that the rest of your life will be filled with magical rainbow coloured unicorns … the reality is far from that picture. It is one of the toughest roles you will ever take on as an adult. It is a difficult role to take on.

You will have days where you are so mentally and physically drained that you won’t know your left from your right…but, it does get better. The precious moments will far outweigh and outnumber the negatives – it is truly rewarding … the hardships and sacrifices are definitely worth it. And, there are so many couples out there who would do almost anything to be in that position to experience the joy and responsibility of being a parent.

Once taking on the role of parent, mentor and friend, it is important to be mindful of the examples being set. A child’s first instinct is to love their parents without question or judgment. We should encourage their exploration and fascination with the world we live in – it is really our attitude and temperament that will either maintain or destroy our children’s faith in humanity.

Despite the negative press and daily pressures that we all feel to varying degrees, there is still good in this world. We just need to be able to see that we are all blessed in one way or another, and we should be grateful for what we have, rather than wanting what we cannot have.

“Today will never come again. Be a blessing. Be a friend. Encourage someone. Take time to care. Let your words heal, and not wound.” – Frank Howard Clark

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