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Diary of a new breastfeeding mum: The first few days…

Medela new mum breastfeedingMay I introduce to you our new little girl, Lila Grace.

We welcomed her into the world after a long, yet relatively calm and drug-free labour. What an awe inspiring, amazing experience!

We were fortunate to experience immediate skin-to-skin contact after the birth which provided the perfect environment for our first-ever breastfeeding experience.

I was amazed at how primal and instinctive it was for my daughter to find her way up to the breast within minutes of being placed on my tummy. The moment she latched on, she was sucking away at the all important first drops of colostrum (often referred to as liquid gold).

Although she seemed to be getting the tiniest amounts in those early feeds, the thick yellow milk is so rich in nutrients and antibodies, it was just what she needed.

The midwife explained how breast milk changes as babies grow where by the third to fifth day after birth, the colostrum change into mature milk which has just the right amount of fat, sugar, water and protein to help them continue to grow. It really is an amazing biological system!

Our first number of latch-ons were the easiest with no pain, but as the feeds went on and Lila’s veracious suck grew stronger, my poor nipples went from their usual soft and supple state to very sore and cracked in need of some serious tender loving care.

Everyone talks about how painful childbirth can be, but I’ve got to say, experiencing cracked nipples is right up there!

Medela Purelan Shot

My husband embarked on a trip to the chemist and came to the rescue with a breast care set made up of Medela Purelan cream and Hydrogel Pads which offered some much-needed soothing relief and helped protect my nipples between feeds.

The cream is 100% natural so it doesn’t need to be removed between feeds and the gel pads offer instant moist cooling relief to help heal my tender nipples.

Nipple issues aside, breastfeeding a newborn is hard work and not coming to me as naturally as I first hoped. My little one just wants to feed and feed and feed!

In these first few days I have received some varied and sometimes conflicting advice from the midwives, lactation consultants, and other mothers about the best ways to breastfeed.

So far I think the best advice (from my grandmother of all people), is that breastfeeding is an art and to master any art, the artist must persevere at their craft and accept that it won’t always be perfect.

Thus, I have vowed to persist in this endeavor and will be sure to report back with my progress soon.

– by Sally Wood

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Sally’s Diary of a New Breastfeeding Mum is sponsored by Medela.

Image credit: rozum/123RF Stock Photo

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