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Coles Little Explorer nappies – premium nappy without the premium price tag

Baby crouched in the grass wearing a Coles Little Explorer nappyI don’t usually talk ‘nappies’ with my husband.

Until this morning I did not know if he had an opinion on them one way or another.

Of course, I assumed that he liked them as a concept – the alternative being quite messy and unsanitary – but we’d never really discussed the ins and outs. OK, we had discussed the ‘outs’ quite a bit actually.  Don’t we all?

Anyway, that changed this morning.

He was putting a nappy on our little girl – now almost a year old – and I mentioned that I was part of the Coles Big Nappy Change Challenge and I’d be writing about the nappies he was using.

“I really like these ones,” he volunteered, before I had a chance to even ask.

Somewhat surprised by his never-seen-before nappy-inspired enthusiasm I started with my line of questioning.

Turned out, he’d been secretly hating on the el-cheapo nappies we had been using. The new Coles Little Explorer nappies, he said, fitted her better, were softer, easier to put on and were not ‘lumpy’ when full in the morning.

The thing is buying cheap nappies can come at a cost.

Sometimes the cost is minimal – they don’t fit as well or they tear occasionally – but sometimes you end up paying dearly.

A cot and baby covered in poop is a high price to pay. True story.


So we decided the cheap nappies – something we’d only been using recently –  were not worth the worry. What we had saved in cents per nappy we had lost again with ripped fasteners, wet sheets, poop on clothes and extra washing. In the end, it didn’t matter how cheap they were, if they couldn’t do the job properly then they were not worth a thing.

Like most things, it isn’t about the price tag it is about value you get in return for your money.

I think the new Coles Little Explorer nappies are great value. They’re a high-quality product, they fit my girl perfectly and they go the distance overnight. I love that they are super soft (they have a quilted top sheet) – it means they’re easier to put on and they don’t irritate my dry hands – like other brands do. They’re also really thin – so I can fit quite a few in my bag for when I’m out of the house.

The Coles Little Explorer nappies are a premium nappy but without the premium price tag.  You won’t have to take out a small loan to afford a pack of these!

I’d have no problem recommending these nappies to other mums – and dads of course!

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This blog post is sponsored by Coles Little Explorer

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