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Christmas countdown or Christmas chaos?

Planning ahead for ChristmasDid someone say Christmas?? What?! There are only ELEVEN weeks until Christmas? I’ve always envied those people who do their Christmas shopping mid-year.  You know… the ones who have everything planned out in advance, down to knowing what week the sale catalogues usually issue and which shops to trust for online laybys?

I love these people, I love that they know exactly where to go to get the best prices. I love that they will line up before the store opens to ensure they nab the bargain. I love how they can preempt what their children will enjoy playing with in six months’ time, or what clothing size they will have grown to.

These people are awesome. I am SO not one of these people!

I’ve tried, honestly I’ve tried. But I just can’t get it together. I’m always, and I mean ALWAYS shopping at the last minute. Like the Saturday before Christmas Eve (or Christmas Eve itself if it happens to be the Saturday). I’m there with all the other crazed shoppers desperately trying to find the perfect gift among the shelves full of discarded, slightly damaged, unwanted toys. I could try and claim that I’m rebelling against the commercialism of Christmas.

But that would be a lie.

Christmas is awesome. Presents are awesome. Little kids’ faces when they see presents – are awesome.

So I couldn’t really convince you that that was my reason. I think I’m just not good at it. Forward planning probably isn’t my forte. Come to think of it, this is possibly the cause of a great deal of my stress actually! No matter how hard I try packing the kids daycare bags the night before, or planning the week’s dinner menu ahead of time … it just doesn’t happen. Sometimes it lasts a week. Usually I’m just a one-shot wonder. I really need to work on this … but that would probably require some type of forward planning…

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6 comments so far -

  1. Oh dear, I think I’m having a minor heart attack. I have been a forward planner since becoming a mum – but having shopped the mid year sales last year what I could not pre-empt was that my kids would be given almost everything I had purchased for their birthdays in between the sales and Christmas. Talk about frustrating – I guess it just means I had great ideas 😉 Thanks for the reminder that once birthday season is over I need to get shopping!!!

  2. Love this post … I’m an eleventh hour-er who masquerades as a forward planner. I’ve already bought a few random gifts for cousins etc (some weren’t even born when I bought them in the toy sales) but I bet you’ll find me circling the carparks the week before Christmas struggling to think of something to buy for my own kids!

    • Haha … I’ll no doubt be doing the same carpark circling come December 24th too (even after having written this article and being FULLY aware of my time constraints)! 😉

  3. Thanks Kellie, Great post to get me into gear, 11 weeks sounds so short, I think I like the sound of 3 months better lol! (sounds longer) Ok! time to get my list out and get cracking on this Christmas caper, I love those little faces too after santa has been!



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