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Children’s TV … I overanalyse it

It is really hard to NOT watch television if you’re sitting in front of it.

Even if it’s a kids’ show – I still can’t help but watch. All those bright colours, catchy songs and crazy storylines …

But just because I’m watching a children’s television show, doesn’t mean I’m really paying attention.

What I’m actually doing is overanalysing it – sometimes trying to understand a character’s backstory, sometimes wondering why some animals are ‘human’ and some are just animals (often in the same show) and mostly just overthinking things in general. I’m sure you do it too (please tell me you do it too!)

Here are just a few of the many thoughts I’ve had while watching children’s television …

Fireman Sam

Am I the only one questioning the paternity of the child/serial pest ‘Norman’? He has Sam’s red hair and it’s possible that his constant troublemaking is just a cry for help.

Little Ted’s Big Adventure

Eek. How old is Little Ted? I’m not really sure he should be going on such big adventures! Keep him away from that helicopter – his head looks like it might fall off! I can’t look…

Dinosaur Train

Is no one else worried that Buddy is a Tyrannosaurus Rex – the most famous of all carnivorous dinosaurs? Not worried about the future safety of all those little Pteranodons? I don’t think this is going to end well.

Raa Raa the Noisy Lion

Does his car have watermelon wheels? That would never work. Maybe he’s really light.

Bob the Builder

Are Bob and Wendy “together”? Why doesn’t he build her a house so she doesn’t have to sleep in that caravan? That is one annoying scarecrow. Don’t they realise he is made of hay … I’d feed that hay to the horses.


Their heads are huge! How can those tiny bodies support those massive heads? I’m surprised they can stand upright let alone ride on a bike … around the world.

Postman Pat

What a cute little town. I think I’d like to live there. Although I’d never get my mail on time … Did he just say ‘mission accomplished”? He didn’t accomplish anything! He screwed up so bad that a little girl couldn’t practice piano before her recital and she ended up messing it up. Nice one Pat.

Gaspard and Lisa

Are they rabbits? Dogs? Why doesn’t anyone realise they are dogs? Is it the scarfs? Hang on … now they are looking after a puppy! What?! This is confusing. Maybe they are bears …

Bananas in Pyjamas

This theme song is confusing – if they really wanted to catch the teddy bears ‘unawares’ surely they should do it on a day other than Tuesday! Mix it up a bit … surprise them … ?


I can’t understand a word they are saying. And why isn’t the President wearing pants?


I do not really understand what Flop is but I think I want one. I could do with a calm and reassuring orange bunny(?) to help me through life’s difficulties.

Play School

What is with all the masking tape? Can’t the ABC afford clear tape? Maybe they bought a container load when the show started back in the 60s and they are still getting through it … one toilet roll spaceship at a time.

Grandpa in my Pocket

Why don’t they ever change their clothes?

Peppa Pig

Their town sure is hilly. Their cars must have excellent handbrakes. When does Miss Rabbit sleep?

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Little Princess

Why is she wearing her nightie? It is the afternoon.

In the Night Garden

What IS a pip?

Captain Mack

Did he just say “I have to go. My Monkey needs me”? I should use that sometime …


Did he just say “Sometimes, when you’re upset, it helps to hug-a-monkey”? I should try that. What’s with all the monkeys?

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  1. The question about BING isn’t about Flop… It’s Pando… Why is he always taking off his shorts and walking around in his underpants?



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