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Check out this cool family birthday calendar board!

Wooden family birthday board - where to buy oneWe posted this image of a wooden Family Calendar Board on the Bub Hub Facebook page last week and have since been inundated with requests from Facebook users asking if we sell it!

The image we posted has been shared more than 50,000 times on Facebook (at the time of writing, but increasing quickly!) so we figure it has caught the attention of quite a few of you. We don’t usually write blog posts about things like this but the response has been overwhelming so we feel we need to set the record straight.

We are sorry – but we don’t make or sell these Family Calendar Boards. In fact, we don’t make or sell anything at the Bub Hub. We are an Australian pregnancy and parenting site – with heaps of information about all things fertility, pregnancy, baby, toddler and beyond.

But we do know a thing or two about the internet so we’ve tracked down some helpful sites and compiled a list of places where you may be able to find a family calendar board to buy.

But before we give you the links, don’t forget that they more crafty among you might be able to make a version of this yourselves. I think you could make one using a long photo frame, a nice print out word like ‘family’ or ‘birthdays’ to go in the frame, 12 screw in hooks, some eyelet hooks and chain and some wooden discs. Easy? Maybe … maybe not.

If you’re not up for a project then maybe just check out a few of the links below.

Here are two links from small business owners who responded under the image on Facebook:

Sapling Design and Personalised Gifts


We also have a look on Etsy and found a few people making family calendar boards there, although none that were located in Australia:

Anyway – we hope this helps! We are not affiliated with any of the above links so we can’t make any guarantees on their behalf. We just wanted to provide an answer for the many of you who have contacted us asking where they are made and sold.


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  1. Hi, i make these for family and friends and they love them. I have some them onmy printrest profile page in the album things i made.

    • Hi Elle, we can provide an ability to view a particular old newsletter or we can send you a copy, but they are not posted with links on the site in general. Is there something in particular that you are after?

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